11 Weird Things We Did To Our Hair In The '90s

by Gina Jones 2

The '90s was a time during which almost every kind of subculture thrived in the mainstream. From grunge to the Spice Girls to '90s goths, we saw it all. Which is why there are a hell of a lot of weird things we did to our hair in the '90s that we can remember and occasionally recreate to this day. Not that I'm endorsing gelling your hair until it's rock solid, or anything, but a crimped 'do can be the perfect throwback for your weekend-out look.

That said, not all throwbacks are good throwbacks. To try and help you veer your way through what's hot and what's not, you will find a list of the '90s hair trends that were weird then and are definitely weird now below. I know that this is totally subjective, but I live, breathe, and work fashion and beauty and I am a child of the '90s, so my opinions are totally valid.

When compared to the slick, glamorous mane trends of today, these over-the-top concoctions that teens and celebs alike all rocked in the decade of our childhoods are plain weird and wild. That's not to say that "weird" is necessarily a bad thing. But personally, I would never wear any one of these hairstyles again and hopefully you wouldn't either.

1. Gelled Curls

As much as 10 Things I Hate About You is a feminist masterpiece of teenage cinema, Julia Stiles' hair in the prom scene epitomized bad '90s 'dos.

2. Hair Braiding Machines

In both the '90s and early '00s, these As Seen On TV braiding machines ruined the hair of at least one girl at a sleepover every night. That's a statistic I just made up, but I've definitely seen one of these being hacked out of an unfortunate soul's locks at least twice in my life.

3. Unsubtle Highlights

Only one person in the history of the world has ever pulled off chunky blonde highlights, and that's Geri Halliwell.

4. Spiky Short Hair

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

I'm sorry, Victoria Beckham, but this 'do was literally the opposite of posh.

5. Spiky Long Hair

Styling your long hair into short spiky hair was perhaps more of a style crime than simply having short spiky hair.

6. Thin Bangs

Like, what was even the point of having bangs if they were barely there?

7. Adult Pigtails


Having pigtails as an adult is just kind of creepy, but I guess that was Britney Spears' whole jailbait vibe.

8. Two Strands Of Hair Framing Your Face

But seriously, why?

9. Messy Crimps, Everywhere

Just imagine a celebrity rocking up to the red carpet with this hair in 2016. Are you shuddering yet?

10. Giant Claw Clips

These made your hair resemble a peacock's fan.

11. Straight Bangs And Curly Hair

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether they were natural curls or not, I just think this look sent a lot of mixed messages.

Personally, I hope these styles never find themselves in the mainstream again. But if they do? Be sure to shout at me if you catch me wearing any of them. As of right now, these weird '90s hair looks are too wild, even for me.

Images: Buena Vista Pictures; Mandy Moore/YouTube; ABC