Get A Text The Moment The New Frank Ocean Drops

While Frank Ocean seems to exist in a timezone of his own, most of us don't have time to constantly check Apple Music to see if his long-awaited new album has finally come out. Luckily, someone has created a service that will send a text when Ocean's Boys Don't Cry album drops. Shahzeb Khan, a computer science and engineering student, created the application, and all you need to do to sign up is go to the website and enter your phone number or email address, and you'll receive a notification with a link to the album when it comes out. According to Billboard, Khan's creation automatically scans Spotify, iTunes, and Twitter for news and updates, so you don't have to do the searching yourself.

Khan told Billboard that he has been constantly checking blogs and websites for updates on Frank Ocean's highly anticipated and much delayed album. "I just got tired of refreshing my browsers all day," he said. He's not alone. It's been four years since Ocean's hugely successful and critically acclaimed album Channel Orange came out. Frank was rumored to be almost finished with his follow up back in early 2013, and the album was supposed to come out last July. While The New York Times recently reported that the album would come out on Aug. 5, 2016, and a video on Ocean's website appeared to be a kind of countdown, the day came and went, and still no album appeared.

Is Khan's project an exercise in futility, though? It's easy to feel hopeless when there have been so many false starts. However, there has been a major hint that the album will drop in the next few days. On Aug. 12, the music site Pigeons and Planes contacted Apple representatives about the Boys Don't Cry release, and according to the site, the representative they talked to said that the album could be expected in 24 to 72 hours. If true, that leaves the window open for not much longer. On the other hand, some people have noticed that the latest date on the library card image posted to Ocean's website is Nov. 13, 2016, which might mean we'll have to wait a few more months for new Ocean to arrive.

Meanwhile, Pitchfork reports that C hannel Orange is back on the Billboard 200 chart for the first time since 2013. Whether the increase in interest is due to fans gearing up for the new album or resigning themselves to the fact that this will be some of the only Ocean we'll get for awhile remains unclear. I, for one remain hopeful, and it can't hurt to sign up for Khan's alerts, at least.