Full-Busted? This is Your New Favorite Bra

Bra shopping can be a difficult (read: traumatic) experience for any woman. But bra shopping when you're large-chested is a special kind of hell. Sure, being built like ScarJo is the dream of many women, but having an ample bosom makes a trip to the lingerie department particularly daunting. That's all about to change thanks to Rank & Style's list of the top 10 bras for fuller figures.

Now, as a petite woman with a serious chest, I am loathe to lump all large-breasted women into one category. We don't all look like Sofia Vergara. Bodies vary a lot in size and shape, in case you haven't noticed. But shopping for bras can be so confusing (how else do you explain why 80 percent of women wear the wrong cup size) and so awkward that a list such as this one can't hurt. I, personally, will take all the help I can get when it comes to lingerie.

So what's the top pick? The Chantelle "Rive Gauche 3281" Full Support Underwire Bra, priced at $88 and available at Nordstrom. The "Rive Gauche" comes in sizes up to 44H and is... actually really pretty. Like, really pretty. Rank & Style's list, which used popularity and online reviews to determine the rankings, states that this bra is ideal for women "who want the look of a smooth, seamless bra but the support of a cut-and-sewn bra." Whatever that means. Sexy and comfy is enough for me.

Check out the rest of the list here, and take a look at the winner below.

Images: Chantelle