Drake Might Drop A Visual Album Project, Guys

It looks like Drake might be following in the footsteps of one of pop's legends: Beyoncé. On Monday, August 15, Drake dropped a hint on his personal Instagram account that he had a little something cooking for the music videos of Views— an in-depth movie/music video or dare I say, visual album, titled Please Forgive Me. I'm not knocking the idea of Drake dropping a movie, not at all. But where have I seen an almost feature length piece of content with music videos from a new album dropped in a slightly sneaky way? it seems like an awfully familiar concept.... oh, wait. Right, Bey did the same exact thing with Lemonade.

Our favorite Champagne Papi revealed his new project via his Instagram with a mysterious picture of Swedish twins Victoria and Elizabeth Lejonhjärta, who are heavily featured in the album art for Views, and the caption “'Please Forgive Me' featuring music from the album Views coming soon.” This photo makes it seem like the Lejonhjärta twins weren't just the stars of Drake's album art, but maybe even his visual album. So, Drake ticked off the famous-and-talented-black-women-featured box on his I-want-to-copy-Bey's-visual-album checklist.

This isn't the first hint of a Drake's new Lemonade... er... um.... Please Forgive Me. Director Spiff TV talked to SOHH about the epic music video he'd been shooting around the world with the rapper. He claimed, “The 'Child’s Play' music video is going to be legend. Just remember that. Legendary. Legend. This was one of the longest videos I’ve ever shot. We shot it at a lot of locations and at a lot of different cities. Just legend. Remember that.”

I'm not convinced these music videos are going to rival Lemonade (because, like, literally nothing can), but I'm willing to give anything a shot, especially with the talking up it's getting. In an Instagram post shared by Spiff TV, he announces that this "motion picture sh*t" is "coming to a theater near you." I can't tell if dude is just being metaphorical about the video actually being in theaters, but, if this visual album actually goes straight to the silver screen, that will definitely be a bit of a one-up to Beyoncé's limited and exclusive release. Drake on the big screen? Sign me up.

Whatever the case, it's definitely going to be interesting, or you know, legendary.

Drizzy, I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had the best visual album of 2016. However, if you want to give it a shot, go right ahead. Who could complain about a world with more Drake? That sounds like a pretty great world to me.