Baby Laurie Hernandez's Gymnastics Floor Routine Will Literally Floor You — VIDEO

Laurie Hernandez is known as the “human emoji” for a reason. At only 16, the expressive athlete has charmed the socks off of everyone watching the Rio Olympics, but a video of Laurie Hernandez’s childhood gymnastics floor routine proves that she’s had that spark from the start. The footage of the now-gold medalist show that, even as a young child, Hernandez had more strength and flexibility in her little finger than most of have in our whole bodies. I’d be bitter if she wasn’t so much fun to watch.

Hernandez’s infectious personality (partnered with her mad gymnastic skills, obviously) has been a highlight of the Rio games. Her cheeky wink to the judges right before her floor routine in the team final last week was the face that launched a thousand memes, and her whispered “I got this” right before her beam performance is gymnastics fans’ favorite new mantra.

The video, posted by FloGymnastics, shows baby Laurie Hernandez competing at a level 4 gymnastics meet (though a number of commenters have pointed out that her routine would now qualify as a level 3). Compared to the jaw-dropping routines we’ve seen performed in Rio this year, Hernandez’s childhood routine of course seems quite tame (although compared to any physical activity I have ever done in my life, it is phenomenal). Nevertheless, Hernandez shows amazing poise and ability. Plus — though this may be hard to imagine — she was even more adorable as a child than she is now.

Just look at this sick move:

Or this one:

Is it any wonder she’s an Olympic gold medalist? Hernandez will be competing in the balance beam final today. As she herself might say: Laurie, you got this!

Images: FloGymnastics/Facebook