The One Mascara You Need For Your Best Lashes

When it comes to lashes, a little drama never hurt. Which is why a good mascara is always a beauty-arsenal staple. But because there are so many different types of mascaras for different types of lash looks, is there a way to achieve multiple looks with just one or two products? Turns out there is, and it's why the one type of mascara you need to be a lash multi-tasker is a tightlining mascara.

Whether you're a beauty junkie or just need a simple way to take your lashes from day to night, a tightlining mascara is a must-have. When worn alone, the tiny brush adds that extra definition to your lash line by depositing product on your upper waterline (this is a trick that helps your lashes actually look longer), while also giving your lashes a subtle boost of volume and separation. While this will give your lashes a natural, yet amped-up look — kind of like a my-lips-but-better lipstick — you can also use it in conjunction with another mascara.

Instead of using a tightlining mascara alone, use it as a priming mascara and layer your favorite formula on top. You may be surprised by just how much thicker and longer your lashes will appear when they're primed first. And the best part is, unlike other priming mascaras that tend to be white and can make your mascara look gray once you brush a black formula on top, tightlining mascaras are already black, so if anything, they will intensify the depth and drama of your favorite mascara. And once you use one, you'll never go back. Here are five to try.

1. Hourglass

Curator Lash Instrument, $78, Hourglass | Curator Ascent Extended Wear Lash Primer, $38, Hourglass | Curator Realist Defining Mascara Formula, $36, H ourglass

Celebrity makeup artist, Moani Lee, tells me via email that the Curator Lash Instrument not only helps to coat and separate lashes from root to tip, but it also helps to tightline and curl lashes when you press the wand "gently and horizontally into the roots of the lashes." Plus, it can be used with both the primer and mascara so you can really customize your lash look.

2. It Cosmetics

TIghtline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer, $24, I T Cosmetics

This tightlining mascara is infused with a lash-enhancing serum that conditions with ingredients such as peptides, collagen, biotin, and proteins. And because the wand is so small, it deposits that serum where your lashes need it the most — right at the roots.

3. Estee Lauder

Little Black Primer, $25, Nordstrom

Try this mascara under, over, or even sandwiched around your favorite mascara. Underneath, it adds volume, length, and lift so your lashes stay curled and hold mascara longer. Over your mascara, it acts as a water-resistant topper. Sandwiching your mascara, it combines those features to give you a boost of drama and longevity.

4. NYX Cosmetics

The Skinny Mascara, $7, NYX

The water-resistant formula plus the micro-brush mean perfectly-defined lashes will hold up all day long.

5. Maybelline

Lash Discovery Mascara, $6, Target

Did I mention these tiny brushes also make tightlining mascaras the perfect option for tackling your lower lashes? You'll be able to coat every single one without getting smudges on your face.

Yes, these are a necessity.

Images: Liliya Rodnikova/Stocksy; Courtesy of Brands