'Southside With You' Will Make You Swoon

by Kaitlin Reilly

It's hard to imagine a power couple like Michelle and Barack Obama ever being in the "getting to know you" phase of a relationship, but like any romance, these two had to start off as near strangers before falling in love. We may see the President and First Lady as having a love story for the ages, but rarely do we ever get to hear about how that love story actually started. New movie Southside With You, however, is here to show us how this political pair came together in the first place. Richard Tanne's new film, which is based upon multiple interviews from the Obamas that discussed their first date, presents an entirely different side to the White House residents, and it's too sweet. This exclusive clip from Southside With You shows what happens when the future President takes his date to a museum, and naturally, sparks are flying in all the best ways.

Michelle and Barack may look so in love now, but their fictional counterparts in Southside With You are just beginning to fall for one another. In fact, it seems like Michelle is almost immune to Barack's charms in this clip — though we all know it won't be for long. When Barack starts talking about artist Ernie Barnes, you can tell Michelle is getting just a little bit swept away in his passion for the artist and knowledge of this influential black painter. Check out the clip below:

Though this probably isn't what these two really discussed on their first date (the film is based on the real trajectory of their date, but not necessarily their specific conversations) actor Parker Sawyers totally nails all of Barack's mannerisms, from his walk to his pattern of speech. Though it's hard to imagine the First Lady ever being cold towards her now-husband, Tika Sumpter's portrayal of a slowly warming Michelle will make you realize that some of the best relationships start with chills rather than sparks. If the Obamas real first date was anything like the one pictured in this exclusive clip, let it be a reminder to give every guy who chats our ear off about '70s sitcoms a chance.

Image: Roadside Flix/YouTube