'00s Makeup Brand Flirt Is Back With False Lashes

Nothing is ever gone for good, is it? Remember Flirt!, the teen-focused cosmetics brand sold at Kohl's in the mid'00s? Last summer, I reported how Flirt! was phased out and gone from shelves as the discount retailer built up its repertoire of offerings, adding brands like LORAC, Cargo, and theBalm to its mini, upscaled makeup boutiques. The Estee Lauder-owned Flirt Cosmetics has been resurrected, without the exclamation point but with an upgrade to its aesthetic. Outspoken bombshell Amber Rose is serving as the first face of the brand, while digital influencer and artist Donald Robertson is in the mix as creative director. While the rebooted Flirt still has a young and fun vibe, it's edgier, more rebellious.

Consider it a totally new brand, as Flirt's goal is to bridge the gap between beauty and social media, according to Women's Wear Daily. Products will be sold online only.

The first Flirt product is coming soon and it's called Flirt Flashes. What is it?

Well, it's basically a false eyelash applicator thingy so you get lashes in a flash. It's a handheld contraption stocked with 40 customizable lash buds. The device lets you control where and how you dispense the buds to your natural lashes. You can add buds as you wish — to the outer corners, along the entire lash, wherever.

Oooh! Fun. A false lash sticker on-er? I love this concept. That said, I hope it works and that the lash buds enhance eyes and stay put.

The "new" Flirt origin story is told in this Insta caption! Rose is a guest collaborator but she did not co-create the Flashes.

Robertson told WWD that Flirt Flashes are like "a staple gun for the eyelashes but without the staples and the gun." All of these descriptions make Flirt Flashes sound like eyelash stickers. Yes, please!

I'm totally down to try the Flirt Flashes. Application does involve/require glue, as this post notes. Flashes sound like fun, which should always be a factor in makeup application. Will Flashes take the guesswork out of applying falsies? Perhaps! It's certainly a unique product.

Flirt Flashes are $28 and will be available for purchase via the Flirt Cosmetics site as of Sept. 15.

The brand plans to launch products one at a time, so fans can get to know them, use them, talk about them, and spread the word before the next product arrives. The product packaging will boast Robertson illustrations.

Images: Flirt Cosmetics/Instagram (6)