Watch Simone Biles' Olympic Routines Again & Again

On Aug. 16, the final day of women's gymnastics events at the Rio Olympics, Simone Biles made history by becoming the first American female gymnast to win four gold medals in one Olympics. Since the women's team all-around competition on Aug. 9, where the U.S. team won gold, Biles has stunned with one near-flawless routine after another, particularly dominating the floor exercise and vault events. Throughout the Games, she tackled vault, floor, and beam during the individual all-around, team all-around, and apparatus finals, and she also competed on the uneven bars during the individual all-around. And you can relive the most amazing moments with these videos of Simone Biles' Olympics routines.

Let's start at the beginning with the team all-around challenges, and follow Biles along from her first to her fourth gold. Along the way, we'll see the progress she makes with her floor routine throughout the Games, for which she achieved a near-perfect score at the final women's gymnastics event. We'll also re-experience the moment she revealed herself as a fallible human being, when she wobbled and placed both hands on the balance beam on Aug. 15, which landed her in the bronze spot. Throughout it all, Biles maintained a humble, joyous attitude while stunning the world. These videos keep the amazement alive.

Team All-Around Beam

With only a small bounce on the dismount, Biles' first beam performance during the finals at the team all-around event was mostly a moving picture of precision.

Team All-Around Floor

Watch Biles stick her last two pass landings during her first performance of her floor routine in the finals.

Individual All-Around Vault

The sizable hop on her landing here didn't keep Biles from the gold in the individual all-around.

Individual All-Around Floor

Check out the second performance of that sweet floor routine during the finals.

Individual All-Around Beam

Absolutely hypnotic.

Individual All-Around Uneven Bars

Supposedly, the bars are not Biles' specialty. You wouldn't know from this routine.

Beam Apparatus Final

The toughest moment in the Olympics for Biles came when she had a big error during the beam apparatus final on Aug. 15. But even with the error, she took a spot on the podium to receive the bronze medal.

Vault Apparatus Final

She may not have stuck that landing, but her performances on vault during the apparatus competition won her the gold medal.

Floor Apparatus Final

And with this, Biles made history on Aug. 16, clinching her fourth gold medal — the first American female gymnast to win that many in a single Olympics. Marvel at how high she flies.

Having made history during her first Olympics, we can reasonably expect to see Biles again in Tokyo in 2020. Until then, we'll have these videos to tide ourselves over.