ColourPop's New Highlighters Won't Be Pricey

When cult favorite beauty brand ColourPop announces a new product, I pretty much have to stop what I'm doing and check out what the cosmetics company has come up with now. Tuesday's announcement from the brand was no different than usual, because their announcement there will be four new ColourPop highlighter shades is bound to make fans of the brand super excited.

On the brand's Snapchat account today (@ColourPopCo if you want to check it out), staff members from the team shared swatches of the four new highlighter shades, which are officially on sale this Thursday, Aug. 18. Um, that's super soon. The snapchats also contained another important piece of information — the shade names. Four shades, Flexitarian, Might Be, Candy Man and Do Not Disturb, range from a pearly white shade to a gorgeous bronze. Unfortunately, the Snapchat story didn't reveal exactly how much the new highlighter shades will cost, but I'm going to say we can safely assume they'll retail for $8, like the rest of ColourPop's highlighter collection does. Considering high-end highlighters regularly go for much more than that, I think that $8 price point is pretty amazing considering what you're getting. I mean, how great are these new shades?

Here are some more closeups from the ColourPop Instagram account.

Those gorgeous bronze shades would look so good on sunkissed skin.

And the lighter shades are perfect for a classic pearly look. Considering ColourPop already has a sizable collection of 16 highlighter shades, I love that they're still innovating and finding new shades they know their fans will like.

Be prepared to hit up the ColourPop website and stock up at a great price when the shades are officially on sale Thursday.

Image: @colourpopcosmetics/Instagram