PERVERSE Sunglasses & Olympian Lucy Meyer Team Up

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio are winding down, and while we've all still got Olympians like Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky on the brain, one athlete is doing things stateside. Special Olympian Lucy Meyer and Perverse Sunglasses have teamed up for a special collaboration that features the Meyer showing off not only her design skills but also her incredible heart.

Meyer is PERVERSE's first ICON girl. According to the brand, the idea of an ICON girl is, "to recognize those who do inspirational things and inspire others to do the same." That description fits Meyer perfectly. In order to celebrate, the two teamed up to create a custom pair of PERVERSE's sunglasses specifically designed by Meyer.

When I asked about her work with PERVERSE, Meyer explains that she didn't really have an idea in mind when she first began the project, but with the brand's guidance, she crafted the perfect pair of glasses that represent both she and her charity. She explained the design, stating:

In working with the PERVERSE Team and looking at the different colors, shades and shapes, I selected a design that is totally me! I chose the UNICEF color blue for the frame because I have been their spokesperson for children with disabilities since 2013. Last year, I also became the National Spokesperson for the Special Olympics--U.S. Fund for UNICEF Partnership. Royal blue is my favorite color — so I chose that color for the temple. The sunglasses even have my birthdate as the model number. I really love the final product!

The blue colored glasses feature a classic frame, and I'd say that the look all around is classic. It's the cause behind the sunnies that make them so special, though.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of PERVERSE Sunglasses x Lucy Meyer go to benefit UNICEF, a charity the Special Olympic medalist in swimming has been involved with for some time now. As the current National Spokesperson for the Special Olympics — U.S. Fund for UNICEF Partnership, Meyer works tirelessly with the charity to raise money and awareness for children living with disabilities in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and other countries.

Of her work with the charity and decision to name them her charity of choice for PERVERSE, Meyer says, "I love competing in swimming (I even won 2 Special Olympics gold medals!) and I love that UNICEF teams up with partners like Special Olympics so that kids all around the world can feel accepted and included like I do! I chose the money that is raised from selling my sunglasses to go to support the U.S. Fund for UNICEF's partnership with Special Olympics."

If you're inspired by Meyer and want to snag her sunglasses and help with an incredible cause, the PERVERSE x Lucy Meyer sunglasses are currently on sale over at the PERVERSE website. The sunnies ring in at $50, and all proceeds go straight to UNICEF's Partnership with Special Olympics. You'll styling in blue and giving to help Meyer raise awareness and funds for children with disabilities.

PERVERSE Sunglasses and Lucy Meyer's collaboration marks not just a way to create a gorgeous pair of sunglasses and donate to a great cause, but also to celebrate a woman like Meyer who embodies the spirit of the Special Olympics. Perhaps that's why she's PERVERSE's first ICON girl, a position of inspiration. Asked what being an ICON girl means to her, Meyer says, "To me, an icon girl is a dedicated person who wants to makes a difference in the world. Find something that you really care about that is important to you and that will help others."

Meyer is definitely an ICON girl, inspiring not only children with disabilities but also anyone she comes into contact with. Her fun, collaborative approach to designing her limited edition PERVERSE sunglasses, her desire to give back, and her warm heart make her a force to be reckoned with. Now, excuse me while I go purchase some sunglasses.

Images: Courtesy of PERVERSE Sunglasses