Hair Stencils Are Going To Be A Beauty Must Have

If you're all about the colorful hair trends, chances are you've seen one of the latest trends blowing up Instagram and other social media channels. That's right, I'm calling that colorful hair stencils are going to be everywhere in a few months, even though they've been taking the beauty world by storm all summer.

The trend first came to be in late spring/early summer, when hair stylist Janine Ker started gaining recognition for her amazing detailed, colorful hair stencils. From simple shapes like spots and triangles to elaborate flower designs, she's creating some seriously amazing hair art, and my DIY-loving self had to figure out how to recreate the look at home. So of course I had to know the answer to one question — where to buy hair stencils. Luckily, Ker is pretty open about sharing with fans how she creates her looks.

"I make most of the stencils that I use, but I also purchase them at craft stores," Ker said in a Q&A with Mane Addicts. That totally makes sense — if Ker knows what kind of a look she wants for the stencil and she's skilled enough to make it herself, why not DIY the stencil? Plus with results as good as these, what's the downside?

I mean...that's amazing.

How gorgeous are these?

It looks like Ker has developed a pretty sizable collection of stencils, which she says are made of a washable plastic material so that she can use them again.

The end result is pretty amazing though. So what happens if you don't have the patience to make your own stencils? Well you could hit up Ker in Pasadena, California... or you could grab some premade stencils and her favorite instant hair color and go to town.

Delta Creative Stencil, $4, Amazon

Love these big flowers, and I think it'd be so fun to layer them in different shades.

Crafter's Workshop Doily, $7, Amazon

This doily is gorgeous, and I think using multiple shades would give it really nice dimension.

Joico Instatint Temporary Shimmer Spray, $10, Amazon

This is the temporary hair color that Ker swears by, and I love this fun purple shade.

Pink Hair Spray, $4, Party City

Of course, you can also turn to the classic Party City colored hair spray, and it comes in a ton of fun shades like this hot pink one.

Although my stencils will never be as gorgeous as Ker's, at least I know where to turn to DIY this fun hair trend at home.

Image: @janine_ker_hair/Instagram