Leslie Jones Loves Walsh Jennings & Ross Too

How much have you obsessed over your favorite Olympic athletes? Well, multiply that by 10 and you'll get comedian Leslie Jones, who met Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross and promptly became the world's best cheerleader. In fact, she's been passionately cheering on Team USA at every Olympic event she's attended, and she even has her own Snapchat filter to prove it.

NBC invited Jones to join its reporting team in Rio because of her excellent Olympic commentary on Twitter, and it actually happened, though she wasn't sure it would, the Huffington Post reported. Jones certainly seems to be having the time of her life so far; she could be heard cheering on American sprinter Justin Gatlin, the U.S. women's beach volleyball team, and gymnasts Simone Biles and Aly Raisman. And when she met Walsh Jennings and Ross ahead of their semifinals match, she feigned bowing down to them before pumping them up, telling them to "put that fire out and y'all let 'em know who's number one, right?" You can watch footage from their encounter below.

Unfortunately, Walsh Jennings and Ross lost their semifinals match in a much-anticipated midnight match. They're still up for bronze medals, though, and Jones will hopefully stick around to cheer them on.

Jones' admiration for Walsh Jennings and Ross only escalated following their semifinals match. She tweeted that they were "superheroes" after recounting one of her favorite moments from the match.

Walsh Jennings and Ross got so much love from Jones, and they weren't the only ones. Team USA owes Jones a lot of gratitude for her continuous support throughout the Rio Games. She tweeted out countless videos from the different events she attended, even equipped with special shout-outs for the American athletes she cheered on from the stands. Here's just a glimpse of what she's been up to in Rio:

Check out her customized Snapchat filter, too:

In between all that cheerleading and fangirling, Jones even got some time to relax:

And if her ceaseless support for Team USA and her fantastic Olympic commentary weren't enough, Jones was also dressed for the occasion.

If you've spent the past week cheering on your favorite Olympic athletes from your couch, know that Jones was once where you were — only, now she's actually in Rio, meeting all those athletes, and fangirling in person. It's still pretty relatable, wouldn't you say? Maybe that could even be you one day.