Jaclyn Hill's Green Hair Looks Gorgeous On Her

In case you missed Jaclyn Hill's most recent upload, the YouTuber has a brand new look. The vlogger has had red hair for years, but now she's switching it up in a big way. The beauty guru now has unconventionally hued locks. If you're wondering if Hill's green hair is real, all signs point to no. That doesn't make it any less fabulous though.

Everyone from the Kardashian-Jenners to Lady Gaga love to play around with wigs, and it looks like the beauty vloggers do too. In her most recent video, Hill debuted a few new things. The first is a completely original vlogger trend called "The Ride Or Die Makeup Tag," where she picks her very favorite products from every single category. The second is a brand new hair color that was very different from her usual look.

In case you were wondering if the hue is permanent, Hill mentions in the video that the colored hair is indeed a wig. She said that she wasn't having a great hair day, so she was playing around with something different. It looked absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion. Plus the way she styled it made it look so natural. She threw on a leather baseball cap with a natural smokey eye. Let's hope there's a tutorial and fashion post on this look coming soon.

Hill has played around with different hair colors on social media before, but this is the first time she's worn the locks in a YouTube Video. She even posted a photo to Instagram wearing light blue hair. Could this be a new trend for Hill? It seems likely. Just look how great she looks in her other unconventional colored wig.

She could honestly wear anything and still look great. Although Hill's new wig hasn't inspired her to change her look permanently, it has inspired some of her followers. Here's what Hillsters have to say about the new 'do.

I see a whole lot of green haired fans in the future.

Slay, girl!

It's just that good.

No time like right now!

The tweet says it all.

She can do no wrong.

Allow me to supply the pen.

It's official: Hill's new hair is a complete hit.

Image: jaclynhill/Instagram (1)