Trump’s New Campaign Team Hits Rock Bottom

Like many Americans, I've come to expect the unexpected from Donald Trump. And on days during which he insinuates that Second Amendment supporters could assassinate his Democratic opponent, I take a Murphy's Law approach to his campaign. He's just chock full of (often wildly offensive) surprises and tricks — and now, for his latest display, Trump will pull a new campaign team out of his hat.

Remember when Trump promised he would get "the best people" to work for him? His choices continue to prove the reverse. Think of it like an occasional opposite day, except you never know when it will be, and there won't be any logic involved.

In a desperate attempt to turn around his campaign (or not?) less than three months before the election, Trump is bringing on some really scary (funny?) picks. But first, let's recap the predecessors. Up until a few hours ago, the campaign manager was the (relatively) traditional Republican strategist Paul Manafort. While Manafort's newly reported tie to Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovych, the country's former president, wasn't stated as a reason for his effective demotion, the timing is interesting. Before Manafort, there was Corey Lewandowski, a man arrested but not prosecuted for accosting a reporter.

Now, Trump's moving on to a third campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway — Republican pollster, Trump adviser, and probably the most stable of the bunch. She has already been making the cable news rounds for the candidate, attempting to serve as a translator of the outrageous things Trump says that could be misinterpreted by the biased media (except he means them, except when doesn't).

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The most notable new addition, though, is Steve Bannon, the Breitbart News executive chairman. Bannon will now be the campaign CEO leading Trump's troops. The new title comes as a complement to his former honor of being described by Bloomberg Businessweek's Joshua Green as the "most dangerous political operative in America." The press release from Trump's campaign announcing the Bannon addition touts this title as a win. What's even better is that Roger Ailes, the former Fox News head and accused serial sexual harasser, is reportedly helping Trump with debate prep, according to The New York Times.

After promises of great people to help his campaign and eventual presidential cabinet, Trump is defaulting to D-list media personality choices — just like him.

Bustle: Image/Caroline Wurtzel