This Dating App Just Made Matching Less Stressful

by Kristine Fellizar

Tired of swiping left and right to get matches on dating apps? Now you don't have to kill your thumbs in order to talk to someone — for a price. Bumble, the dating app that puts women in control, is now offering users a chance to enhance their dating app experience through a paid subscription with Bumble Boost. If you’re someone who uses dating apps and have thought, why can’t I just match with people who've already liked me?, this upgrade might be worth it to you.

Bumble recently released three new features aimed at buying you more time. Users can pay $9.99 a month with discounts for prepaid subscriptions lasting three or six months. "First and foremost, you can expect the traditional Bumble experience to stay exactly as it is at no cost to our users," Whitney Wolfe, Bumble's Founder and CEO tells Bustle. "Not one bit of the experience or functionality has been taken away and it will always remain that way. We really wanted to give our users a an experience that was better tailored to their busy lifestyles."

Last year, Bumble’s big competitor, Tinder also began offering a paid version with Tinder Plus. With Tinder’s paid version, users are able to undo matches and change your location to match with people from other places, among other things. Tinder actually did pretty well, getting over one million paying customers in a little over a year. So, it looks like singles are definitely paying for dating apps.

"Don’t always have time to swipe? Boost solves that," Wolfe tells Bustle. "Wishing you’d jumped on some of those expired matches from months ago? No problem, Boost can make that happen. We always listen closely to our users and the request for the type of experience Boost offers was overwhelming. So far, the response has been extremely positive and we’re already talking with our users about ways to improve and innovate Boost down the road."

Wondering what else you can expect from Bumble Boost? Here are the three premium features you can get:

1. Beeline

The “Beeline” feature is great for users who want matches but don’t want to waste time going through all that swiping mess. Beeline will automatically put together a list of people who’ve already “liked” you. From there, you can pick and choose who you’re interested in. By tapping “yes,” you’re matched.

2. Rematch

If you’ve ever used Bumble you’d know that matches expire in 24 hours if no one reaches out. The Rematch feature allows you to keep expired matches in order to give you that second chance. Hey, sometimes you change your mind.

3. Busy Bee

As Bumble writes on their blog, “We get it, you’re busy. There aren’t enough hours in the day, and sometimes 24 hours isn’t enough time to make the first move.” With the upgraded version, people can get unlimited 24-hour match extends to give you more time to make the first move.

"Dating is stressful enough and we’re really just trying to make it easier and more fun to connect with people in a meaningful way," Wolfe tells Bustle. "Boost is a direct reflection of that approach, especially for those whose hectic lives doesn’t accommodate spending a ton of time navigating the dating world."

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Courtesy of Bumble