Is Shopping a Workout?

Wait. So, does this mean a trip to the mall can take the place of spinning? The Daily Mail reports on a study that reveals women burn as many as 15,000 calories every year shopping. But, unfortunately, all that strenuous activity is ultimately irrelevant, since 33 percent are snacking while shopping.

The survey also found some distressing stats: Two thirds of women admit to being self-conscious in changing rooms, and 27 percent are so stressed about fitting into their clothes on a shopping trip that they skip meals beforehand.

Hold up. Shopping — whether it's for practical items or leopard print ballet flats that you absolutely do not need — should be a fun activity that leaves you feeling better about yourself. There's already enough to stress about when you hit the racks: the seven item limit, the tweens Instagramming in the dressing room next to you, blacking out in Anthropolgie and waking up to find yourself the owner of a seahorse printed dress and eight monogrammed teacups. Let's all agree to use shopping as a time to de-stress, and find gifts for those we love (including ourselves), rather than use it as a time to worry about our body size.