Will Usain Bolt Be In The Next Olympics? Tokyo Might Not Be In The Sprinter's Future

For months, sports fans have speculated on whether Jamaican Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt will be in the next Olympics, or, alternatively, retire after the 2016 Rio Games. The famed sprinter has been making statements all year saying that if track needed him, he would continue to compete. But now his Olympic future may be up in the air, according comments during a recent press conference.

At a press conference on Aug. 8, Bolt confirmed that he would indeed be retiring after this year's Olympics. And if the sprinter follows through with his claims, he will certainly have a historic record to boast. Bolt is a seven-time Olympic gold medalist, has already earned one gold in Rio and is hoping to take home two more over the next few days of track and field finals. If he accomplishes this, he will have completed a triple triple — earning gold in three events during three consecutive Olympics, which would be an amazing ending to a historic career.

Bolt is an incredibly fast runner (arguably the best in the world) who has broken world records throughout his career. He began breaking records in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and has continued from there to win seven golds for sprinting. He also won consecutive golds for the 100-meter and 200-meter titles. He's had an amazing run, and frankly, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to go out on top.


It seems like this is our last Olympics with Bolt, but then again, you never know what might happen. He could decide to take one last shot and break even more records by continuing his career in Tokyo in 2020. Surely the crowds, as well as viewers at home, would tune in just to see him run. When it comes down to it, you don't need to be from the same country in order to root for him. Some athletes aren't bound by national loyalty when people appreciate them for their incredible talent and commitment to their sport. Bolt is a fan favorite — and it's as simple as that. Honestly, who doesn't want to root for someone who's incredibly fast, very animated on the track, and fun enough to samba at a press event?

If he does decide to go to Tokyo, we can expect some more fun shenanigans from the track and field star. Right now, it's not likely that Bolt will step onto the track in Tokyo in 2020, but we can all dream that he'll make a comeback.