6 People In Every Friend Group When You're Trying To Make Plans

Your friends are the best. The promise of seeing these lovable goons at the end of a hard week gives all your "adulting" drudgery an actual purpose. That said, making plans with your friends can be worse than herding cats, and the group text is where everyones' respective group planning personalities come out.

There's always the one friend who suggests something super adventurous and expensive (boozy zoo visit! cocktails and parachuting!). Next is the one who refuses to spend any money; their personal slogan is, "I'll just come to hang out and eat at home!" There's the one friend who's constantly 45 minutes late (wardrobe malfunction! forgot my ID!), and the one who refuses to respond to any communication but happens to always show up anyway. Not to be forgotten is the friend who distracts everyone with casual conversation, and of course, the one who takes the initiative to coordinate everything. Heavy is the head that wears the group hang-planning crown.

The bright side? It's a carnival of fun once you've gotten everyone to the same place at the same time. However, everything that leads up to that is a full-scale comedy of errors. We've teamed up with Punch Bowl Social to chronicle the kinds of personalities seen in every friend group when you're making plans. With the delectable eats from their scratch kitchen, chill and stylish vibe, and unique game selection (bocce ball, shuffleboard, bowling, and more), Punch Bowl Social luckily makes wrangling your ragtag band of weirdos a little easier.

1. The Taskmaster

Duties: Suggests location and time; Splits the check at the end of the meal; Determines guest list; Keeps general shenanigans to a minimum.

Drink of choice: Only the finest of classics — an Old Fashioned. Mom needs something with a little extra oomph.

What they're saying in the group text: "Hey, so maybe let's nail down a time?" or "Let's go here. It's convenient for everyone!"

When the check comes, they: Do the math to find out how much everyone owes.

2. The Slowpoke

Duties: Being on a "European" (read, slow) schedule; Enduring last-minute crises that prevent them from being on time to anything and everything; Showing up 45 minutes late and pretending it's no big deal.

Drink of choice: An adult milkshake, 'cause they're kinda the baby of the group.

What they're saying in the group text: "On my way!" five minutes after the agree-upon meet up time. (They are not on their way.)

When the check comes, they: Take forever to find their wallet.

3. The Dreamer

Duties: Suggesting out-of-the-norm things that take long-term planning; Scouting mostly bizarre and expensive (but sometimes super cool) things for the gang to do; Keeping the intrepid spirit of the group alive.

Drink of choice: A punchbowl — bartender's choice. They're adventurous.

What they're saying in the group text: "Let's take this ceramics class on a boat! Hundred bucks a head, but the memories are so worth it!!"

When the check comes, they: Suggest to split everything evenly.

4. The Fly On The Wall

Duties: Saying little to nothing in the group text; Shrewdly hanging back while everyone makes plans; Show up at the agreed-upon spot despite a refusal to participate in any communication.

Drink of choice: Whatever everyone else is drinking! They're easy going.

What they're saying in the group text: "..."

When the check comes, they: Pay what they need to, no arguments.

5. The Thrifter

Duties: Keeping everyone's urge to "make it rain" in check; Coming to hang out, but refusing to spend any money (despite stealing plenty of fries).

Drink of choice: An "old man can" o' PBR.

What they're saying in the group text: Shouldn't spend money right now, but I'll just come to hang out!

When the check comes, they: Make a break for it.

6. The Conversationalist

Duties: Trying to have a full-scale conversation in the group text; Providing comic relief; Distracting from the actual planning, but only in the most endearing way.

Drink of choice: Something new-school, like a Higher Fashion cocktail — real conversation starter.

What they're saying in the group text: ::Poop emoji::

When the check comes, they: Hang back and let the taskmaster take on the heavy-lifting.

Luckily, with Punch Bowl Social, pleasing your whole motley band of ragtag weirdos has never been easier.

This post was sponsored by Punch Bowl Social.

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