Frank Ocean's 'Endless' Is For Dreamers

The long awaited second album from Frank Ocean, Endless , has arrived, making everyone's day instantly better. After Ocean's first blockbuster album, it was hard to imagine his followup could live up to the hype, but Endless is a complex, lyrical roller coaster of emotions. The singer touches on heartbreak, starting new relationships, his past struggles, and the technology saturated media. If you look closely, the disparate topics all have something in common: the costs and joy of following your dreams.

Ocean's Endless is hopeful in the best possible way. The struggles he describes will be familiar to anyone who has worked hard, made tough choices, and refused to compromise on their goals. Whether you have been chasing your dreams since you were in elementary school, or you are contemplating taking a major leap into the unknown, Endless is the album you need to listen to. Ocean not only understands what you are going through, but he has also been through it all himself and has a shiny new album to prove it.

The next time you need some serious life motivation or just some assurance that you are heading in the right direction, turn on Endless and look out for these 12 lyrics that perfectly describe what it is like to ignore the odds and chase your dreams.

1. This "Alabama" Lyric About Starting Young

"I was writing out everything, don't tell nobody, some things I didn't even tell me."

This line perfectly sums up knowing what you want out of life while also being afraid your dreams are impossible.

2. This "U-N-I-T-Y" Lyric About The People Who Help & Hinder You Along The Way

"Whoever held you down, whoever propped you up, built the structures with you, swished the buckets with ya."

It is way more important to focus on the people who stand by you than the ones who hold you back.

3. This "Hublots" Lyric About Perspective

"Turn the mountain view, find a place for a quiet one."

At some point you will probably lose your way, but Ocean knows that, when you feel lost, you just have to look at the situation from a new perspective.

4. This "Sideways" Lyric About Ignoring The Haters

"When I'm up they gon' hate, when I'm sideways, yeah, I set me straight, when I'm up they gon' hate, when I'm down they gon' celebrate."

If you let haters get into your head, you are the only one who will suffer. Like Ocean, you have to be your own advocate.

5. This "Deathwish" Lyric That Perfectly Sums Up How It Feels To Want Your Dreams To Come True

"Need to catch you, at the mercy of you."

Chasing your goals is exhausting, but giving up on them is totally not an option.

6. This "Rushes To" Lyric All About Confidence

"Gonna be somebody."

The first step in making your dreams come true is believing they will.

7. This Perfect "Rushes To" Lyric About Understanding Your Choices

"All this time I knew that average was something to fall back on."

Average is not the first choice for people with passions.

8. This "U-N-I-T-Y" Lyric About Appreciating Your Successes

"Nothin' but, nothin' but net, is you Roger or Novak?"

It is more than OK to celebrate your successes.

9. This "Hublots" Lyric That Is Way Too True

"Can't outrun something you need."

Whenever you have doubts, you have to remember your goals are a vital part of who you are — even when they feel impossible.

10. This Simple "Florida" Lyric That Sums Up How You Decide Who Goes On The Ride With You

"Are you with me?"

Following your dreams is a long process and you have to know who will be by your side the whole way.

11. This "Slide On Me" Lyric Is A Reminder To Fight Hard

"Play so savagely."

Succeeding in life is never easy. If you are committed to making your dreams happen, you need to be prepared to fight for them.

12. This "Rushes To" Lyric That Explains Why All Your Hard Work Is Worth It

"I was spoiled by lavish thoughts, they don't compare, no not at all."

When you finally make make your dreams a reality, your success will be the best feeling ever.

Take note, dreamers: Ocean's Endless is a testament to what hard work and confidence can create.

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