Key & Peele Got an Animated Series: 7 More Comedy Duos We'd Like to See in Cartoons

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Comedy Central has just confirmed that Key & Peele will be getting an animated series. After Comedy Central announced that the uber-popular comedy duo would get another season to make us laugh, they doubled down. Now, in addition to a fourth round of Obama's anger translator and substitute teachers, Key and Peele will be making a cartoon version of their popular "Vandaveon & Mike" characters. In case you forgot, Vandaveon and Mike are the fake fans Key and Peele invented to critique their own show on Youtube.

Although we love Key & Peele, and can't wait for Vandaveon and Mike to get cartoonified, we'd love to see other comedic duos get the toon treatment. Perhaps we're too attached to the good old days of funny '90s cartoons, or we've seen Frozen one too many times. Either way, here are our seven most animated prospects.

Image: Comedy Central

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