12 Labor Day Memes To Share On Facebook

by Chelsey Grasso

How will you be spending your Labor Day this year? Hopefully by sleeping in, barbecuing, and laughing out loud over these Labor Day memes. From Office Space to Orange Is the New Black, these ridiculous memes are perfect when it comes to having a laugh about Labor Day.

I think we can all agree that work is important, but that doesn't mean that we can't all enjoy a few hilarious memes about the matter, right? Monday mornings can be hard, and all of those silly "after Labor Day" fashion rules drive me absolutely insane. (You should be able to wear white whenever the heck you want to wear white!) Sometimes things can get a little silly in the world of work, and it can be beyond therapeutic to make a joke or two about it all.

A handful of funny memes can never hurt, especially when you're trying to conjure up some laughs come the Tuesday morning after your three-day holiday weekend. Get in a chuckle or two, and then get yourself back to work feeling refreshed and ready to conquer everything. Labor Day celebrates the importance of hard work, so after taking Monday off, you should be ready to take on the office and everything it throws at you with a smile on your face.

Said hopefully no boss ever.

All white everything. Every day.

How everyone's Tuesday morning feels after Labor Day.

I obviously had to include a cheesy pun in this mix.

Just kidding...

Us too, Kanye. Us too.

Labor Day weekend gives everyone the feels.

Don't make Obama tell you twice.

The face of us all when the alarm clock goes off Tuesday morning.

Seriously, though... don't send emails on Labor Day.

Thanks, bro.

Amen to that.

Images: MemeCenter