Design The Benedict Of Your Dreams

Benedict Cumberbatch, intellectual heartthrob of the British Isles and the world, leads an awfully quiet life considering how large and besotted his fanbase is. For example: He loves his privacy, and he's relatively effective at keeping it. But he's also the subject of a Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book, and probably only a little bit surprised that it is a thing that exists. In short: It must be weird to be a bashful thespian turned Hollywood superstar.

The Benebook is called "Colour Me Good" and is by I Love Mel's Mel Elliot, who also has coloring books starring Ryan Gosling and Kate Moss. There are pages with Benedict Cumberbatch hanging out with kittens, too, so not only do you get to customize your Cumberbatch however you want him — Gingerbatch? Alienbatch? Cucumber-colored Cumberbatch? — but you get to do so while also coloring kittens. This is the Internet age at its best and brightest, friends.

This all reminds me of that interview where a reporter gave Ryan Gosling a dishtowel she'd bought with his face on it and he almost broke down in giggles over the ridiculousness of his life. Classic.

Here, the cover and a page from the book (which goes on sale March 21):

And Ryan Gosling breaking down over his fame:

Now, someone please buy me this.