Ah! What's On Lena Dunham's Back?

Lena Dunham posted a photo on Instagram today that may have been alarming to some of her followers. There you are lazily scrolling through puppies and unimpressive food that your friends made when suddenly a back covered with huge swollen red blotches pops up. It would be pretty disturbing, but don't worry, Dunham is fine. Lena Dunham got cupping done to her. Uh... I mean, she was cupped? She had cups performed? Look, I don't know to phrase this, but cupping is a health treatment and Lena Dunham got it.

In the picture, which Dunham captioned, "Da Cure" she's shown with eight large circles on her back. It looks very painful and left some of her followers confused. "Da crazy," "Da fuck," and "You look like a Lego now" are among the comments she received. (Ps. Instagram user "wakysun," if you're reading this, I love your Lego comment and I hope Dunham appreciates the joke.)

For those of you who aren't up on your alternative medicine, the "Eastern practice is said to detox the body and reportedly helps with everything from circulation to neck and shoulder pain. The cups used create suction on the skin and leave red circles as a result," according to E! Online. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are also fans of cupping. Aniston tried to cover up her cupping marks with makeup at a 2013 premiere, but ended up being photographed with beige circles instead of red.

Hopefully Dunham's cupping experience went well and she sees the effects she was after.

(Is that what you say to someone who was cupped? I'm new to this. I haven't even figured out how to conjugate this word. "I am going to go get cupping today?")

Image: Lena Dunham/Instagram