Alan Thicke Gets His Own Show: What Other '90s TV Dads Should Get Shows?

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After all the Robin Thicke controversy, another Thicke seems to have something he can be proud of again: Alan Thicke got a new show on the TV Guide Network. Called Unusually Thicke, it's a faux-reality show that follows the former Growing Pains actor, his wife and son, and a host of their celebrity friends. Already, Wayne Gretzky, David Hasselhoff, Magic Johnson, Tom Green, Minnie Driver, the cast of How I Met Your Mother, John Stamos, Robin Thicke, and Bob Saget are scheduled to appear on the show.

Which got us thinking: which other '90s TV dads would we want to see on TV again, and how different are they now from the dads they played back then?

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