Finding The Right Lipstick

Some may say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I'd have to say lipstick is mine. No matter how I feel, or how tired and disheveled I look, I know that a swipe of the right lipstick will give me that boost of confidence I need (just like a best friend should). And as a beauty enthusiast, I always keep multiple tubes of my favorite lippies at home, next to my desk, and in my bag. That way I can quickly grab, apply, and feel ready for any situation that might be thrown at me (my boss calling me into a meeting, a last minute date, etc.).

And while I love my batch of go-to lipsticks, I love testing out new shades and formulas even more. So when Shiseido launched a new line of lipstick called Rouge Rouge, I felt giddier than ever. The formula is creamy and moisturizing, yet the color lasts as long as a matte lipstick would. It contains two types of oils that deliver the luminosity and moisture, and two types of powders that help the color adhere to lips for a perfect finish. Each shade is a different form of red (pink-red, blue-red, orange-red, etc.) so you'll have no problem finding a color that's suited for your skin tone. With a lot of excitement, I grabbed every sample and ran around the office forcing my coworkers to try them on with me. And that's when I realized we all had very similar feelings about lipstick.

In collaboration with Shiseido Rouge Rouge, here's how five Bustle editors look and feel in their perfect lipstick.

Jenna, Polished

If you take a quick glance at Jenna, you'd probably think she wasn't even wearing any lipstick. But that's because she tends to go for shades that are very similar to her natural lip color. "I love this rosey nude ( Rouge Rouge in Sweet Desire ). It's the perfect everyday lipstick that goes with everything, and I can wear it from work to cocktail hour," she says.

Dawn, Fab

Most days you'll find Dawn sitting at her desk, or standing in our office kitchen grabbing a cup of coffee with a fun lipstick on. She especially loves this shade of brick red ( Rouge Rouge in Real Ruby ). "It's punchy, bold, but a total classic."

Elly, Tough

You won't catch Elly walking out of the house without her coveted cat-eye or red lip. She says lipstick makes her feel tough and without it –– she might as well be naked. "I love that this blue-based red ( Rouge Rouge in Bloodstone ), makes a statement, but doesn't have to scream to make its point," she says.

Kelsey, Complete

As someone who swears by lipstick, and wears it daily, Kelsey simply doesn't feel complete unless she's rocking a bold lip. This classic red ( Rouge Rouge in Ruby Copper ) is like something from the golden era in the '20s. "I'd wear this for the moments where I'd want to feel like a million bucks," she says.

Allie, Put-Together

Even though Allie wears lipstick most days, she usually sticks to a natural look. "It was really fun to switch things up and feel fancy with this pink-red lip ( Rouge Rouge in Burning Up ). The color is pretty bold for me, but I love how non-drying and buildable the formula is," she says.

This post is sponsored by Shiseido Rouge Rouge.

Images: Hannah Burton; Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Makeup: Tiffany Patton; Design: Bry Crasch/Bustle