Blizzards for the Blizzard

OMG, weather deities! Enough with the snow! We get it! It’s winter! It’s cold! We really don’t need to be reminded about it anymore, thank you!

Ah, well. At least the storm that’s currently slated to hit upstate New York and New England has an entertaining name — the fact that it’s being called Winter Storm Vulcan makes me think of this, obviously:

Anyway, Spock aside, we decided that we’d be much better off gearing up for the oncoming blizzard by thinking about a different kind of blizzard: The Dairy Queen kind! So to get you through this cold, snowy disaster, here are 10 pictures of glorious frozen treats. We can’t wait until it’s warm enough for us to want to eat them again!

1. In the Grass

Oh, hey guys. I’m just chillin’ out here on my gorgeous green lawn. Don’t you wish you were here, too?

2. Little Green Men

Even aliens/monsters/whatever the heck this little guy is need their Blizzard fix every now and again.

3. Blizzard at Sunset

Who says fast food can’t be artsy?

4. All Full Up

Looks like someone’s saving up for the apocalypse...

5. Seasonally Appropriate

It’s almost St. Patty’s Day, after all!

6. Weather Control

Ha. I wish.

7. A Cold Embrace

So good, you could hug it.

8. Half-Eaten


9. Stay Classy

So classy, it gets its own parquet floor.

10. Happy Blizzard Day!

This Blizzard just wants to show you some love and affection. Won’t you be its friend?

Images: batcave13/Flickr , Dairy Queen, magneticmediafed/Flickr, onepointfour/Flickr, badlydrawn/Flickr