30 Bizarre But Genius Things On Amazon Right Now

Amazon has some really, really useful things, like the cleansing conditioners, air fresheners, and impulse-purchase coffee mugs I order on a regular basis. That being said, there are also some really weird things on Amazon, and then a category that combines the two: the weird but genius products on Amazon that people absolutely cannot get enough of. That last one happens to be my favorite.

It’s a category that’s filled with head-tilting products that, at first glance, elicit a “What’s wrong with you, humanity?” Then, on second thought, you hear yourself mumbling, “Actually, I could probably use something like that.” Yep. These strange Amazon buys are just bizarre enough to improve your life on a daily basis.

No longer will you have to decide between peeing in the dark or blinding yourself, because you’ve got a Magic Toilet night light. Your face will also feel smooth as a baby’s bottom, because you’ve smeared Tonymoly pure snail moisture gel all over it. Intrigued? You and me, both. Check out these weird but delightful Amazon buys that you can purchase right from the comfort of your own computer desk — and it’s probably better that way, because a physical check-out line could be awkward.

1. Take A Shower Pretty Much Anywhere

Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower, $40, Amazon

For all the avid campers, nature-lovers, or flat-out hippies, this Ivation battery-powered handheld portable shower takes water from a bucket or stream and delivers a continuous flow of even water. Recharge it with your USB, mount it with the suction cup, and you’re ready to go.

2. Use A Jar Of Burnt Wood For All Your Beauty Concerns

Activated Charcoal Powder, $9, Amazon

This activated charcoal powder (aka jar of burnt wood) is good for a whole bunch of things, like DIY skincare projects, dental health, and digestive issues.

3. Light Your Way To A Peaceful Nighttime Pee

Magic Toilet Night Light, $12, Amazon

Turning on the bathroom light at 3 a.m. burns your retinas like nothing else, so find the toilet easily and effortlessly with this motion-censored Magic Toilet night light. Yep. It changes colors.

4. Locate Your Pets' Urine With Ease

Handheld UV Blacklight Urine Detector, $9, Amazon

Point this lightweight and travel-friendly handheld UV blacklight urine detector anywhere to see where your cat peed this morning. Note: Ignorance might be bliss here.

5. Moisturize With Actual Snail Gel

Tony Moly Pure Snail Moisture Gel, $13, Amazon

If your skin is particularly dry, maybe it’s time you rubbed some snail slime all over it. This Tony Moly pure snail moisture gel uses real snail gel to soothe, heal, and moisturize your face.

6. Like An In-Home Jeweler, Only Less Expensive

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, $30, Amazon

To get your jewelry or eyeglasses sparklingly-clean again, check out this Magnasonic jewelry cleaner. It’s got a three-minute cycle that gets rid of dust, smudges, dirt, and grime.

7. Exfoliate With A Hunk Of Volcanic Stone

Aisilk Earth Lava Pumice Stone, $7, Amazon

Rough skin? Rub this solidified hunk of volcanic rock on a string over your feet and hands to get baby-smooth skin that feels and looks incredible.

8. Organize Your Wires Burrito-Style

DigitGear Cable Management Sleeve, $11, Amazon

This DigitGear cable management sleeve is like a Velcro-fastened burrito for your wires. It keeps them organized and free from tangles, and it’s also reversible and can be cut to any length.

9. Make Any Room Smell Incredible

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $19, Amazon

Blow puffs of fantastic-smelling air into your room with this aromatherapeutic essential oil diffuser. It changes colors, can be used alongside your favorite essential oils, and hydrates and purifies the air simultaneously.

10. Torture Device? Nope, Just Vegetable Pasta

WonderVeg Vegetable Spiralizer, $24, Amazon

Prepare your vegetables Sweeney-Todd-style with this WonderVeg vegetable spiralizer, so you can make super nutritious versions of your favorite pasta dishes. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and works on just about any vegetable.

11. Scrape Your Tongue For Way Fresher Breath

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, $7, Amazon

Scrape your tongue bacteria away with this Dr. Tung's tongue cleaner. It’s made from durable and comfortable stainless steel, and helps to promote fresher breath by removing the plaque.

12. Prop Your Devices Up Without Hassle

Spigen Phone Kickstand, $10, Amazon

Where has this Spigen phone kickstand been all my life? Or, y’know, since the day I traded in my Razor. It’s slim and adheres to the back of any device to give you an instant, durable, and hands-free angle whenever you need it.

13. Cut Your Pizza In Style

Bicycle Pizza Cutter, $10, Amazon

This epic bicycle pizza cutter is fast, effortless, and cuts your pizza like a champ without messing up the cheese. (Inevitable “vroom” noises not included.)

14. Sleep Better With The Sound Of Whooshing Air

All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine, $45, Amazon

Can’t sleep? Try this all-natural white noise sound machine, which fills your room with the sound of rushing air to drown out everything else. Sounds annoying, but reviewers actually say they’ve never slept better.

15. Enjoy The Smell Of Bacon As It Wafts Out Of Your Bathroom

Accoutrements Bacon Soap, $4, Amazon

Force all the neighborhood dogs to love you with this Accoutrements bacon soap, because it genuinely smells like bacon and actually hydrates your skin.

16. Get Yourself A Life Jacket For Your Camera

Camkix Floater for your Gopro Hero 4 Session, $8, Amazon

Why do you need a floating camera? The correct answer is, “For everything ever.” This Camkix floater for your GoPro is a life jacket for your go-pro, keeping it waterproof, visible, and buoyant.

17. Pick Up After Your Dog In The Most Seamless Way Possible

Earth Rated Poop Bags Dog Waste Bags, $7, Amazon

These Earth Rated waste bags are big, thick, leak-proof, and fit into standard leash dispensers, so picking up your dog’s poop can be as enjoyable a process as ever.

18. Tape Your Clothes Wherever They Don’t Fit Right

Braza Body & Clothing Double Sided Flash Tape, $14, Amazon

Clothes don’t fit right? Tape anything anywhere with this Braza double sided tape, which is strong, durable, medically safe, and keeps you from having any tabloid-level wardrobe malfunctions.

19. Never Experience Another Party Foul In Your Lifetime

Unbreakable Wine Glasses, $21, Amazon

Why did it take humanity so long to come up with this idea? These stylish unbreakable wine glasses bounce like rubber balls when dropped, so even your clumsiest guests friends can’t ruin the dinner party.

20. Charge Your Devices Without Wires

NEWST Generation Wireless Charging Pad, $16, Amazon

Turn your home into a Starbucks with these NEWST Generation wireless charging pads. They deliver a super fast charge, wire-free, to any device that’s Qi-enabled.

21. Get Rid Of Blackheads With This Intimidating-Looking Extracting Set

Bestope Blackhead Remover Extractor Set, $10, Amazon

This Bestope blackhead remover extractor set looks terrifying, but it’s actually a great way to get rid of blackheads and blemishes without transferring the germs from your hands. It’s all stainless steel, and it comes with a cool carrying case.

22. Give The Gift Of Old School Pictures

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Gift Set, $30, Amazon

Especially if you’re headed to college this year, this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 gift set brings back your selfie game like never before. It comes with an instant camera, multiple lenses, a case, and wall decorations to bring your memories anywhere with you.

23. Make Your Own Cheese For Your Fancy Dinner Parties

Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit, $23, Amazon

This mozzarella and ricotta cheese making kit comes with everything you need (besides the milk) to wow the pants off your friends with homemade cheese — and it only takes 30 minutes.

24. Unpack This Spaceship-Looking Thing And Fire Up The Grill Wherever

Original Folding Charcoal Quick Grill, $40, Amazon

Whether you’re using it for a picnic, camping, or your own family’s dinner, this folding charcoal grill is great for burgers, fish, steak, hot dogs, and corn, and it folds up into a bag when you’re done.

25. Traveling Hydration For Your Pets

Collapsible Dog Bowls, $7, Amazon

If you have one thirsty pet who deserves water at all hours of the day (you know they do), check out these collapsible dog bowls. They’re durable, reusable, safe, and great for travel.

26. Is Your Alarm Clock Running? Better Go Catch It!

Umin Runaway Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers, $18, Amazon

Can’t seem to get up in the morning? Make yourself with this run away alarm clock, that you can set for a one to nine minute snooze. After that, it runs away (and can even jump up to three feet).

27. Keep Your Head Warm And The Tunes Coming

Bluetooth Beanie, $40, Amazon

This bluetooth beanie plays music straight into your ears from any device while keeping your head warm, so blast that Rocky theme song and get to shoveling the driveway.

28. Keep Your Phone Mounted On Your Car's Air Vent

Mpow AIr Vent Magnetic Car Mount, $8, Amazon

Getting a magnet for your car's air vent may seem kind of bizarre, but when you factor in how it'll help you keep your fingers off your phone and on the wheel while driving, it seems pretty smart indeed. Just attach the adhesive metal plate to your phone's case, which will then sit securely on top of the mount.

29. Dress Your Dog Up Like A Dinosaur

Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dog Costume, $25, Amazon

This is inarguably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen for sale on the internet. The Animal Planet stegosaurus dog costume has a headpiece and body suit that fits your medium-sized dog comfortably, and reviewers are saying genius things like, “[My dog is now] invulnerable to attack.”

30. Get Therapeutic Relief From Some Jelly Gems

YogaToes Gems, $30, Amazon

These gel toe stretchers offer temporary relief from bunions and more, all while you get to look like you dipped your toes into a chest full of treasure. (Okay, so maybe people won't be totally convinced, but your toes will still feel amazing.)

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