10 Indie Fashion Brands Worth Every Burnished Penny

Researching this article has led me to make an official life decision, I think. From now on, most of the clothing I purchase will be from small, independent designers (with room for frequent thrift and vintage sprees, obviously). There's just no excuse to keep shopping at department stores. The Internet is overflowing with incredibly talented designers from all over the world whose one-of-a-kind clothing can arrive on my doorstep, neatly folded, in mere days.

Granted, indie brands tend to cost more — but that's because they're made in small batches, ethically, by people who genuinely care about every stitch. Sometimes, though, when indie brands are really under the radar, you can snag their wares for cheap. Either way, I like the idea of my hard-earned cash going to support someone else's beautiful, unique creation that I can, in turn, wear like a work of art. Who's in?


LA-based Aella is all about one thing: the perfect women’s pants, citing icons like Katherine Hepburn and Bianca Jagger as their inspiration. You might say their trousers are the perfect accessory for your power walk.

White Lines Vertical, $232,

Birds N Bones

The witchy designers behind “birds n bones” are inspired by gothic novels and taxidermy, which is why you can find all sorts of deliciously creepy things used in their gems, like mice skulls, snake ribs, and glass eyeballs.

10MM Taxidermy Eye Ring, $35,

Sleepy Jones

Do you believe that the best kind of day is one spent in bed? Then you’ll love Sleepy Jones, a line dedicated to the art of loungewear. (Plus, they advertise in The Paris Review, so you know they have great taste.)

Louise Shrunken Robe, $225,

Crowned Bird

Crowned Bird’s designs are honestly too cute to be legal. Though the designer appeared on NBC’s Fashion Star Season 2, the line is still pretty under-the-radar — snatch it up while you can.

Centauri Dress, $212,


This dreamy, playful Danish brand is designed for modern-day nymphs.

Nümph Karma Cardigan, £65.00,


The brand Motel was born out of a road trip across America’s west coast. It’s basically the indie brand that Urban Outfitters wishes it could be.

Leela Oversized Batwing Shirt, £35.00,

Imogene + Willie

What separates the women from the girls? The understanding that perfect jeans are gonna cost you. Imogene + Willie was created by a husband-wife team from Nashville, and if their jeans don’t feel perfect on you, nothing will.

Imogene Slim Blue Ridge, $295,

Ewa Zwolinska Minefy

Polish artist Ewa Zwolinska paints her dream-inspired faces on fabric instead of canvas, which makes for some pretty surreal and totally striking wardrobe additions.

Original Skirt MINEFY, $70,

Toujours Toi Family Affairs

The designers behind Family Affairs are a mother and daughter duo — and they do all their collaborating as pen pals. Daughter Nina lives in New York, and sends inspiration packages to her mother, Kaya, in Switzerland. The eventual result? Vintage-inspired clothing that wouldn’t be out of place in a Wes Anderson film.

Rue St. Vincent Coat, $184 (on sale!),


This British brand sources all materials from Great Britain and uses screen printing, hand dyeing, silk painting and digital printing to get their hypnotic prints. If you have the cash, invest in one of these dresses — only six were made.

Limited Summer Sale Dancing Dress Maxi, $350,