10 Indie Fashion Brands Worth Every Burnished Penny

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Researching this article has led me to make an official life decision, I think. From now on, most of the clothing I purchase will be from small, independent designers (with room for frequent thrift and vintage sprees, obviously). There's just no excuse to keep shopping at department stores. The Internet is overflowing with incredibly talented designers from all over the world whose one-of-a-kind clothing can arrive on my doorstep, neatly folded, in mere days.

Granted, indie brands tend to cost more — but that's because they're made in small batches, ethically, by people who genuinely care about every stitch. Sometimes, though, when indie brands are really under the radar, you can snag their wares for cheap. Either way, I like the idea of my hard-earned cash going to support someone else's beautiful, unique creation that I can, in turn, wear like a work of art. Who's in?

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