Lucas Scott's Art Belongs on Peyton Sawyer's Walls

by Anneliese Cooper

Chad Michael Murray has played a number of varied roles in his career — a brooding guitarist in Freaky Friday, a brooding slasher victim in House of Wax — but you almost surely know him best as the iconic hoodie-sporting and, yes, brooding basketball star Lucas Scott on The CW's teen soap One Tree Hill. (Okay, maybe for you he's Tristan DuGray from the first season of Gilmore Girls, but give me some leeway here.) Though Murray quit One Tree Hill in 2009, leaving it to limp along for two final seasons without him, his identification with the character lives on in his fans' hearts — and, apparently, even in his own artwork. Today, the man who voiceovered a thousand oh-so-deep episode-ending monologues tweeted images of some of the paintings Chad Michael Murray is auctioning on eBay for a partial-profit donation to The International Child Art Foundation: "Love Me" and "Whiskey Dreams with Quill & Ink," signed with a flourishing "CM." And, to my extreme delight, both look like they'd be right at home on Lucas's paramour Peyton Sawyer's walls — right next to her illustration of a three-red-bulbed stoplight sporting the text "PEOPLE ALWAYS LEAVE" and her all-black canvas titled "Love." (No, I did not make either of those up.)

Perhaps wisely, Murray has announced no plans to quit his Hollywood day job: His next two films, Other People's Children and Left Behind are both set to come out later this year, and in between art-Tweets, he plugged his recent casting on Hatfields & McCoys , a History Channnel miniseries co-starring Bill Paxton and Brendan Fraser. Still, we can all take solace in the fact that, while you can take the man out of Tree Hill's absurd weekly dosage of angst, you clearly can't take that angst out of the man. If you need proof apart from the art itself, the actor announced his pictures by tweeting "Painting is such a release. Art is the great silent therapist." Totally, Lucas. Now, shout "Your art matters!" at Peyton before you head back on the court. (Did not make that one up either.)