Morphe's New Brush Line Is Different Than The Rest

In cased you missed it, Morphe launched another brand new brush collection, and this time it's not just the look that's changing. What's in Morphe's new Rose Gold Collection, you ask? The 31-piece set has everything you could possibly need for a flawless makeup look.

On top of relaunching their Elite Brush Collection with a new look and getting a brand new store location, Morphe created a Rose Gold line of brushes that are seriously gorgeous. It honestly doesn't surprise me that the company has another different set out so soon after introducing the Elite II range. After all, that is what they're known for. The new line proves just how hard they work to get the best tools out there.

So what's so different about these brushes than the others that the company already sells? Well, first off they are much sleeker, featuring white and brown bristles with rose gold and black handles. The design is also a little different. Instead of just having a synthetic or natural bristles, they have a blend. That means some serious time went into testing which option worked best with each style of application.

There are 31 different eye, face, and highlight brushes included in the range, so it's anything but limited. Although they're each sold separately, they're super affordable. The entire line ranges from just $4 to $23 dollars each.

There's no word on whether the line is permanent or not, so I'd head over there and grab them while you can. Here are some of their top brush creations, so you're not too overwhelmed when you get to the site.

1. Pointed Highlight

R36 Pointed Highlight, $7.99,

This is the same brush (in the new color) that Jaclyn Hill uses to highlight, so you know it must be good.

2. Deluxe Blender

R35 Deluxe Blender, $7.99,

Because no one wants harsh lines when it comes to shadows.

3. Angled Blush

R4 Pro Angled Blush, $9.99,

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous blush brush? I think not.

4. Pencil Crease

R41 Pencil Crease, $4.99,

This one's perfect for smudging out the waterline or getting that bold outer-v eye shadow perfect.

5. Deluxe Powder Brush

R0 Deluxe Powder Brush, $22.99,

It's the bigger the better when it comes to a powder brush to set your makeup look.

6. Flat Buffer

R6 Flat Buffer, $14.99,

Every staple set needs a great foundation brush as well.

7. Curved Contour

R9 Curved Contour, $12.99,

Don't just contour — do it with a brush that perfectly hugs all the curves of your face.

You honestly can't go wrong, no matter which style you choose.

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