Brewers Concocted A Beer Using Yeast From Roald Dahl's Writing Chair

Literary lovers looking for a unique drinking experience are in luck: beer brewed from the yeast of Roald Dahl's writing chair is now a reality, thanks to the ingenious workings of a microbrewery in London. It will be available for drinking and toasting at a forthcoming theatrical experience inspired by the works of the late author, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Sept. 13.

40FT Brewery, with help from Bompas & Parr (a leader in 'flavour-based experience design,' according to their website) concocted the special brew, and gave it an appropriately disconcerting name: Mr. Twit's Odious Ale. With the permission of Dahl's estate, the brewers swabbed the author's wing-back armchair, his blanket, and his old pencils, and used that sample to culture the yeast needed for the ale. The chair, of course, is no ordinary chair, but one self-customized by Dahl with a cushion and a green writing board, so he could write comfortably while sitting in it. The chair found a home in his garden shed, the Writing Hut, and it was there that Dahl wrote many of his classics. Perhaps a sip of the brew will imbue you with a touch of Dahl's talent and whimsy, but the brewers are obviously making no promises on that front.

The beer will be available at London's Dinner at the Twits, an interactive dining experience inspired by the Dahl's works. Details on the dinner menu are scarce (to use a more specific phrase: intentionally unsettling), but the website promises a "gloriously gruesome and immersive dining experience" hosted by the titular characters of one of Dahl's best loved books. The experience is hosted by Les Enfants Terribles theatre company in collaboration with Bompas & Parr and Creatures of London, and will run from Sep. 4 to Oct. 30. From the website:

"Your ticket includes the chance to fish the glass eye from your prickly cocktail apertif, hunt for concealed canapes and gruesome hors d'oeuvres, brave a baroque bird pie banquet and potentially perilous pudding.... all whilst experiencing 90 minutes of entertainment from the worst hosts ever."

Roald Dahl would certainly approve.

Images: Wikimedia/Public Domain