She Carries Around Phallic Root Veggies

by Christine DiStasio

We all know about Shailene Woodley's holistic lifestyle and love for herbal remedies by now — but we didn't know that she carries fresh roots with her wherever she goes. The Divergent star appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and she brought along a surprising gift for host Jimmy Fallon. The talk show host, who apparently asks the actress about her lifestyle whenever he sees her, asked what "new things" she's been doing — and that's when Woodley pulled out a handful of root vegetables for Fallon. Forget Divergent — is she the next Mary Poppins?

So, what roots did she bring along? Well, if you're suffering from any of these ailments — a cold, indigestion, or sinus congestion — you're in luck, because Woodley's got remedies for you. Following Fallon's request for her new natural health tricks, the actress pulled out, Mary Poppins-style, fresh ginger root (for indigestion), garlic (for a cold), and horseradish root (for sinus congestion) and gifted them to the Tonight Show host. Woodley then joked about ordering raw garlic from room service at 1 a.m. and how she probably had "fire dragon breath" from eating some that morning.

Fallon was grateful, until she pulled out a huge piece of raw horseradish root that caused the audience to laugh and Fallon to look obviously uncomfortable. Basically, it might be the most phallic root of all time. Fallon's house band, The Roots (funnily enough), played sexy music while Woodley invited the host to hold the horseradish while he muttered about shrimp and not recognizing the vegetable. The actress responded with a giggle and asked, "Are you blushing?"

Watch the video here: