Simone Biles Could Be At The VMAs, If We're Lucky

by S. Atkinson

If you were 19 years old and had just won four gold medals and one bronze medal at the Olympics, how would you celebrate? Partying hearty is the first activity that springs to mind. So will Simone Biles be at the VMAs? Because, if you had all of the above characteristics and were also all kinds of famous, rocking up at a house party might not exactly be your scene. Just imagine: you'd end up signing autographs all night. Nope — as a celebrity, you'd probably want to party like a rockstar with free-flowing food and drink and some great music. Maybe at some sort of awards ceremony that is full of young, beautiful folks.

Whether or not Biles will be there is a great question. Honestly, in terms of who is invited to the VMAs, it's historically been just as much about how high profile your name is as whether or not you actually have a strong connection to the world of music. Let's take the 2015 VMAs as an example. Along for the Miley Cyrus-helmed evening was one Brooklyn Beckham, who seems lovely, but, at the age of 17, is far too young to be famous for anything aside having famous parents. That's OK. That didn't stop MTV from inviting him, though.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Also in attendance were the likes of Kylie Jenner, again, at the time more famous for her family and her great social media presence than for music. As such, if MTV is inviting people based on how prominent they are, Simone Biles is a shoo-in for an invitation. She's rumored to be considering competing on Dancing With The Stars , she's regularly written about by the same gossip blogs that write about the likes of Jenner and Beckham like Just Jared, and she's got a whopping 2.9 million followers on Instagram. If Biles isn't famous enough to warrant an invite, especially shortly after Olympics fever has swept the nation, then who the hell is?

So sure. Biles is likely to be invited. But will she actually go? According to her Instagram, she's that successful for a reason. You don't see a lot of photos of her goofing off or staying up late. Any fun shots of her and her friends seem to be strictly daytime only — fair enough, you can't execute a perfect wolf turn on a beam with four hours sleep and a raging hangover. As such, a huge blowout after strutting down the red carpet doesn't seem so her style.

This said, there were a couple of shots of her with Zac Efron, who she seems delighted to be around. So, if you're big into Simone Biles and are hoping to see more of her on the red carpet, this gives us some hope. After all, where are there more Zac Efron types (and probably Zac Efron himself) than at the VMAs? So here's hoping that Efron and one of his most famous fans will be at the VMAs. I can't wait until the next Olympics to see more of Biles.