9 Things We Learned From Kim's Selfie

by Mallory Schlossberg

Anyone who's a big sister knows it's not nice to steal your little sister's shit without asking, but when you are the future Mrs. Kanye West, whose opinion do you really need? Kim Kardashian took one very revealing selfie — both literally and figuratively — and posted it on Instagram, and the fascinating selfie is particularly educational in the, look what we learned about Kim today! kinda way, not in the today, I learned how to code kinda way, so gather round, friends. Here's what knowledge we can garner from this gem of an Internet artifact, pictured below.

1. Kim Steals Her Sister's Shit

The caption reads, "Yep stole Kylie's bikini... she's not getting it back." What else in that bathroom belongs to her poor, unsuspecting sisters?

2. She Uses A Brush AND A Comb!!

See right side of the picture. This is hairdressing at its finest.

3. She Straightens Her Hair Before She Goes In The Pool

There's a straightener on the right side of the pic. She's got a pin-straight ponytail. Mmkay, this is a lesson you learn in middle school when you're trying to tame your awkward frizzball: rainy days and straighteners are not friends... and neither are straighteners and swimming pools.

4. She's Just Like A Regular Person When She Brushes Her Teeth!

Check out the regular toothbrush. Not electronic?!

5. This Is The Most Intense Bathroom Ever

The reflection looks like this bathroom is where one could have a party. Or is it even a bathroom!?! Is this just all a whirlwind of true Kardashian decadence that cannot be explained in normal house rooms?

6. That Bikini Belongs To A 16-Year-Old

ICY forgot.

7. That Is A Beautiful Sink

Sorry, I got real estate envy for a second.

8. This Is A Masterclass In What Kind Of Selfies To NOT Post On Instagram

Not like we needed anyone to remind us that Kim is self-indulgent and has made a career out of putting private moments in the bathroom in the public eye, but c'mon. This seems like a selfie to k Snapchat to Kanye, not share with the world. Bit we all know how much she wants us to see her in her teen sister's bikini, so on the other hand...

9. No One's Surprised

All it takes is a Kim Kardashian bathroom selfie like this to make you realize how normal this seems for her. Well, Kim, you certainly know how to make a career out of igniting conversation about the tiniest things you do.

You win again, Kim. You always do.

Image: KimKardashian/Instagram