No Doubt About It, SJP Is Carrie Bradshaw

If you need further proof that SJP is Carrie Bradshaw, her new video interview with Vogue.com provides it tenfold. Sarah Jessica Parker is asked 73 questions in five minutes and answers almost all of the questions the way you might expect Carrie to — highbrow and highly specific, but she's able to somehow still come off as charming. Parker seems like the good parts of Carrie Bradshaw. The Carrie you liked before realizing that she's totally self-centered.

I'm sure Parker is totally sick of Sex and the City comparisons — or maybe not because she keeps bringing up the idea of another damn sequel — but it's just so hard not to make them. Especially because she really does like New York City THAT MUCH. Parker is asked to describe New York in three words and says, "Symphonic, tiny, real." When asked is she would ever leave she says, "Not voluntarily." She likes shoes as much as Carrie too. She just released her a shoe line at Nordstrom and when asked, "Heels or flats?" simply gives the interviewer a "Really?" look. Also, she says her favorite movie is The Way We Were. Hmmm, how interesting...

Parker's house looks amazing, of course. If Carrie wasn't a horrible jerk that cheated on Aidan, they'd probably live in a townhouse that looks just like hers. It looks so comfortable, yet stylish. None of that stupid (yet, admittedly gorgeous) penthouse stuff with Mr. Big from the SATC movies. She has light up globes and a really cool bar cart and a ping pong table in the middle of her beautiful living room.

The interview is worth a watch not just because of Parker's Bradshaw-esque answers or because of her amazing house, but because it's a totally discombobulating way to do an interview. Parker has to stand and sit and run from room to room all while pretending that she didn't come up with the answers beforehand. (That has to be how this went down, right?) It's really strange.

Look out for SJP's shocking answer to the question, "Milk or dark chocolate?" It will change your opinion of her forever.