Have a Slice of 15-Year-Old Spice Pizza

NOSTALGIA ALERT. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham tweeted some Spice Girls pizza that her mom (sorry, her mum!) found in her fridge. Apparently, it's been hanging out there for the past 15 plus years. In case you're confused or too caught up in your zig-a-zag-ah nostalgia, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's five pieces of pizza, each one a letter that spells out "SPICE," with toppings curated by each Spice Girl.

Some of the toppings are bafflingly odd (or maybe a British thing, I don't know), like Sporty Spice's tuna and cheese (is that a tuna melt?), and others seem suited for their marketed personalities at the time (Ginger likes chillies and peppers — red hot! Like her hair!). Moreover, it's an odd chuckle at how the Girls were so ubiquitous, that their brand had products that were at times a bit much.

While it may be time for Posh's mum to chuck the pizza (does it have an expiration date?! I mean, it's been frozen, but still), the Spice Pizza is a solid reminder that, despite the odd connotation of eating your favorite supergroup's pizza, that there certainly are some Spice items that we miss and are nostalgic for. Here are some:

1. Spice Girls Dolls

They were like Barbies that you didn't play with. They just kind of hung out as mini fashion models. I kept mine in the boxes because I knew they were pieces of memorabilia in the making. Plus, it immortalized them in their signature looks (Geri's British flag dress! Scary Spice's leopard bikini top-shirt-thing!)

2. The Spice Girls Book, Girl Power

I remember purchasing this book (which you can buy here, by the way). Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton had this quote — and I may be paraphrasing from memory, but it was something like, "I don't want to be a cutie. I want to be a hot, sexy bitch." As a kid in the '90s, I was utterly appalled at the use of the 'b-word,' but I RELATED. More importantly, I found out that '2 Become 1' is about putting on a condom on when you have sex. I asked my friend what a "condom" was. She said the apartment her grandmother lives in.

3. The Spice Girls Movie, Spice World

Now you can relive some memories with Richard E. Grant's recurring role on Girls! The film, while critically panned, is a STELLAR opportunity to watch your favorite girl group in pseudo action.

4. The Shoes

Platform shoes became cool again, and oh how I wanted a pair of them.

5. Spice Girls Lollipops

Odd, for sure, but it was just a bag of Chupa Chups (ice cream flavored lollipops!) with the girls on the tin. The TIN! A tin of lollipops!


Slam your body down and wind it all around, my friends.

The pizza, for the record:

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