How Brow Experts Say You Should Stay Groomed

Remember the days when there was only one option to groom your eyebrows? Now, it seems we're inundated with options, from threading to laser hair removal (careful!). But brow experts believe that keeping things simple is the most effective way to groom your brows. According to makeup artist Ramy and brow architect Michelle Wu, tweezing is still the way to go.

Wu believes that it all really depends on what you want. If you're looking for a more natural brow look, threading might be the best option for you. But if you want pristine brows, those tweezers are your best friend. "Tweezing results in more defined brows as it removes the stray hairs strand by strand to give them a clean, precise look," Wu told Daily Makeover.

On the other hand, Ramy is strongly against threading and waxing for your brows. "Threading is what was done years ago before tweezers were invented... why revert to threading when tweezing is far more precise and hygienic?" As for waxing, she says its okay for your upper lip and below, but it's much too harsh for your eye area. “With waxing, there is also a lack of precision, which can ruin an eyebrow."

I'm no brow architect or whatever, but I have to disagree with both Ramy and Wu. For years, I was a devoted eyebrow threader. There's a reason why people have been doing it for so long and also, have you ever seen your Indian friends' eyebrows look anything but gorgeous and hair-free? While waxing can make me break out, I've never gotten a bad eyebrow wax job. However, once I've achieved my ideal brow shape thanks to either one of these beauty procedures, I definitely look to my tweezers to help me maintain the shape.

If you're a newbie to tweezing, fear not. Here are 8 simple steps to tweezing your eyebrows at home.