Gear Up For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 By Reliving The Glory Of Season 3 — VIDEO

In case you needed the reminder: Game Of Thrones is gory, sexy, glorious, and, most of all, epic. There's no better to relive those last two attributes than how this Game Of Thrones Season 3 rewind starts out: With Daenerys Targaryen getting ready to do some good old fashioned conquering, and with Dany portrayer Emilia Clarke walking us through that journey. Game Of Thrones has always had such a tangled mass of characters that it's a feat to even remember all of their names, let alone every storyline, where they traveled and why throughout the season, and where we left them before Season 4 kicks off.

That's exactly where this rewind comes in handy: It lets you relive some of the best Game Of Thrones moments, while simultaneously serving as a reminder of, for example, where we last left Cersei.

Things of course did not go quite as well for everyone last season as they did for Daenerys Targaryen (who got to smash the patriarchy and free slaves with dragons while being worshipped by everyone around her also with dragons), and few Game Of Thrones fans really need a reminder of what went down at the Red Wedding — but this rewind is rather helpful in its reminders that, for example, Shay's feeling shaky on the whole Sansa/Tyrion wedding thing. That can only end well, right?

Image: HBO