5 Fall 2016 Makeup Trends To Look Out For

MAC Cosmetics has long been heralded as one of the most innovative and edgy brands in the cosmetics market. For that reason, they always have their pulse on what's going to be in and out for the next season. Case in point: fall 2016's top makeup trends, according to their expert makeup artists. From extreme eyeliner to bold, intense lips and diffused colors, there's a lot heading fans' way during the upcoming cooler months.

Thankfully, the talented team at MAC Cosmetics ran down the biggest trends at their Autumn and Winter 2016 Trends Presentation in Los Angeles, giving us the 411 on what's going to be huge for the colder seasons and how everyone can achieve the looks themselves.

At the 2016 show, MAC artists came together to create spectacular looks around two main categories: the strict and the loose. The strict trends sounds exactly like what you'd imagine. They're harsher, more dramatic, and more extreme. As for the loose trends, they're more diffused and natural-looking with colors blending seamlessly into the skin.

Both major types of trends include very specific ways to achieve them. I'm going to run down the best MAC Cosmetics products to use to embrace the look, as well as examples of these stunning new autumn trends. When cold weather strikes, you'll be ready to go with your killer MAC-approved look.

So what are the biggest trends for fall 2016?

1. Sharp

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The sharp trend for fall 2016 most predominantly includes a bold lip. The lip is the stand out feature with brows, skin, and eyes being very nude while the vibrant lips shines.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby Woo, $17, Nordstrom

2. Razor


The razor trend is exactly what you'd imagine it to be. It's harsh, strong, unapologetic and features strong graphic eyeliners, clean brows, and pared-down lips.

MAC Liquid Eye Liner in Boot Black, $21, Nordstrom

3. Kaleidoscope

Francois Durand/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kaleidoscope trend is all about color, glitter, and texture. They've each got a more mature nature to them but keep the freshness that they bring to the face.

MAC Pigment in Basic Red, $22, MAC

4. Stained

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stained is a lived-in look that nearly looks like you've slept in your makeup. The trend utilizes smudgable liners and diffused shadows to get the worn effect.

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, $26, A mazon

5. Diffuse

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The diffuse trends falls far more to the natural than the others. With seamlessly blended in products and a "left over" feeling to the looks, they're very "I woke up like this."

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, $22, A mazon

Are you ready for fall? As far as beauty goes, with MAC's advice, you definitely are.

Images: Deverill Weeks (2); MAC Cosmetics