Kylie & Her Squad Slay The Dirty Peach Lip Kit

It's fun to be a dirty girl when it comes to your makeup. Kylie Jenner's new trio of August Lip Kits arrives on Friday, Aug. 26 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT. There's Brown Sugar, a nude Lip Kit designed for dark skintones, but that also looks good on everyone. There's Love Bite, a plummy mauve Lip Kit that's not too goth. And then there is Dirty Peach, a pastel'ish, "look at me" Lip Kit shade with a totally descriptive and BA name. Dirty Peach is probably the "hardest" to wear, in terms of the new trifecta of hues, since it's so high impact, so bright, and makes such a statement. Jenner even noted in an Instagram post that Dirty Peach is one of her favorite shades that she has created so far. That's because it really pops. But since it's such an adventurous shade, how you wear it and with what other products is essential. How does Kylie Jenner (and her squad) wear the Dirty Peach Lip Kit?

Well, in her latest Insta post, Jenner went with a well-buffed, "no makeup" makeup look when swiping her infamous, pouty pucker with the shade. Yes, the makeup mogul is rocking maj lashes, bronzer, some blush, and eye makeup. But it's all beautifully blended and soft. The most noticeable feature is her lips and Dirty Peach.

Behold Kylie x Dirty Peach.

She is of course slaying the shade. It's best to pair Dirty Peach with curled, thick lashes. IMO, Dirty Peach works best when your look is all about dem lips and lashes.

Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods rocked Dirty Peach in much the same way. Her eye makeup is soft and she's got a serious glow from what looks like bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Still, it's all blended so it looks like she is wearing a minimum of makeup. There's a lot of product happening here, but it appears minimal. That's good makeupping!

Dirty Peach totally pops against dark skin. Like BOOM! I mean, how gorge is this shot? It's also lovely on fair skin. In both cases, Dirty Peach is paired with statement brows and the result is nothing short of stellar.

So there are three ways in which to wear Dirty Peach — with major lashes, with lots of glow, and with statement brows. I personally think lip-and-lash-focused is the way to go when wearing Dirty Peach. But there are several sources of inspo here.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)