He Does His Own Stunts, Apparently

Let's hope he's not a method actor. Aaron Paul did his own stunts for Need For Speed, which means he did some legitimately intense car chases and driving scenes. This obviously was a dangerous task...but...does he always do his own stunts? Because if Aaron Paul did his own stunts for the now universally panned (so-bad-it's-good!) Need For Speed , did he do meth for universally praised Breaking Bad? WWJD (what would Jesse do?...bitch.) If Aaron Paul always does his own stunts — which, for the love of Walter White, let's hope he doesn't — he would have done some crazy shit. Here are some roles that would have required some serious commitment.

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Let's see. Meth? Check. Cook meth? Check. Heroin? Check. Dealt drugs? Check? Oh! Here's a big one: kill people. Let's wager that this was not an exercise in method acting, as Aaron Paul is alive and well and functioning and not in prison. This is like an exercise in what not to do when preparing for a role.

Big Love (2007-2011)

Scott Quittmann marries a polygamist's daughter. This would involve enmeshing oneself in the Mormon community. Perhaps a road trip to Salt Lake City to learn about the culture? This seems a little more benign the his other drug-addled characters.

Smashed (2012)

In this movie, Paul played an alcoholic unwilling to sober up. So...this would mean an awful lot of drinking...in the unhealthy way. This guy definitely gets casts as folks with tendencies towards unhealthy behavior.

Daydreamer (2007)

In this film, Paul played another troubled guy. This time, he was a boozing fellow who also pops pills. Typecast much? This would involve some hefty pill popping. Not safe!

This Corn Pops Commercial (1999)

The verdict is out: eating Corn Pops for your art is pretty safe.