Britney Spears' "Better" Is A New Love Anthem

I can't even begin to explain how stoked I am that Britney Spears has finally dropped her new album Glory. As a diehard Spears fan, this is the pop culture event that I have been waiting for all summer — sorry, Stranger Things and the Olympics. Spears is back to creating brand-new pop tracks that I love, including her new, super addictive single with G-Eazy titled "Make Me." To say that "Make Me" is a sexy song is an understatement — it's about a woman who finds the person she wants to hook up that night and totally takes control of the situation. "Make Me" is the perfect track for when you're eying a solo stranger, but her' new song off Glory "Better" is equally hot for different reasons. Spears' "Better" lyrics are perfect for those in long-term relationships who don't want the spark to burn out.

Technically, the singer is solo right now — her last relationship was reportedly with Charlie Ebersol, whom she dated from Oct. 2014 to June 2015 — but with a marriage (technically two, if you count her 55-hour one to Jason Alexander) and plenty of other romances under her belt, this woman is quite qualified to sing about long-term love. Here are the lyrics from "Better" that make LTRs seem super hot.

1. "Let's Undo All The Distance From Your Guts Down To Your Buttons"

It's about intimacy: emotional and physical.

2. "And If You Want To Get Real And If You Want To Get Honest, Then Baby You Know The Deal"

There's no faking in an LTR: it's all about honesty.

3. "What You Wanna Do?"

Waaaay sexier than asking "I don't know, where do you wanna eat?"

4. "Better Open Up Because It Feels So Much Better When We Open Up For Each Other"

Sensing a double-entendre here?

5. "And I Know/When You Know Somebody/And They Know You're Body/It's So Much Better"

Here's Spears, squashing the myth that anonymous hookups are always steamier than long-term romances.

6. "Show Me What's Under Your Shirt"

Spears is already an expert at doing this. She's been rocking the bra-as-a-top game since 1999.

7. "Bear It Like It's Your First Time"

Just because it's your 200th time with someone doesn't mean it has to feel like it is.

8. "You Take It Off Like You've Never, Never Been Hurt"

Being with someone who makes you forget about your awful exes = relationship goals.

9. "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh"

There are a lot of "Ohs" in this song, all of which are sexy at any stage of any relationship. Oh yes.

10. "So Good, So Good, So Damn Good"

Finding a long-term love is like money raining down from the sky.

11. "Oh Get To Know My Body Better And Better"

Because you don't stop getting to know someone once you're in a relationship with them — you're constantly getting to know someone. Both emotionally and physically.

12. "When You Know..."

When you know, you know. You know?

13. "Damn! It's So Much Better"

We'll definitely take your word for it, B. Spears.

Long-term relationship ladies, time to listen to "Better" on repeat.

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