How To Positively Influence Others For Good

In life, there are millions of different types of influencers that can cross our paths, and those can have either positive or negative impacts. Of course, positive ones are preferable, and we have the power to positively influence others as well, just as much so as they do on to us.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on trying to be the best versions of themselves they can be (or would like to be) and to also work on spreading those positive, feel-good vibes with their surrounding network. Moods can be contagious in a sense, where our levels of happiness can be either positively or negatively influenced based on those of the people who we associate ourselves with on a routinely basis. It doesn't feel good to be put down and into a "funk" by others, so why should we bestow the same poor, unfavorable sentiments onto those, as well? Keeping a positive attitude is awesome for our wellbeing, and if we realize that our actions, behaviors and moods affect other people, then we should strive to maintain the positivity and let it brighten the moods of people whom we care about or interact with. Here are 11 things that we do that can positively affect other people.

1. Clean Your Living Space

If you live with a partner or a roommate, then your surroundings should be clean and filled with positive vibes, as messiness can be off-putting to whomever you are living with, advises Maeve Richmond coach and founder of Maeve's Method, over email with me. "One particularly impactful influence you can have on your partner is how you set up and maintain your home. Having easy to maintain organizational systems in place can eliminate a lot of unnecessary discord caused by a chaotic and cluttered home," she says.

2. Act Interested In Conversation

No one likes to feel as though he or she is talking to a wall, right? When having a conversation with someone, it's important to be interested and listen, in order to show that you are absorbing the information and reacting positively to the person's story. "Don’t forget, a good conversation is about both sharing and listening. Asking without listening isn’t going to do anybody any good," says Richmond.

3. A Mere Smile

According to licensed family and marriage therapist, Erika Fay, LMFT, in Chicago, over email with me, smiling is contagious and can immediately brighten someone's day. "Smiling at strangers," she says a great way to positively influence others. "You don't have to be creepy but if you catch someone's eye walking down the street, give them a smile. You never know how this can brighten up someone's day," she adds.

4. Give People The Benefit Of The Doubt

According to Fay, people deserve to be seen in as positive a light as possible, and so it's important to give others the benefit of the doubt when something arises so that there's more positivity and less negativity about the situation. "Give people the benefit of the doubt. Instead of rushing to judgment if someone upsets you, try telling yourself the following: "If I had the whole story, I am sure I would understand," she says.

5. Practice Meditation

Practicing meditation and encouraging others to join in and perhaps try at a younger age in order to reap the benefits for a longer period of time can be incredibly beneficial for promoting a happier and more alert mind, advises co-founder of Headspace Andy Puddicombe, over email with me. “Maintaining a healthy and happy mind is essential throughout life, but there is no better time to learn than when we are younger."

6. Encouraging Fitness

If you are enjoying a fitness routine and you can encourage others to join in, then you will be able to spread the benefits, as there are many with regard to having strong bones, such as "to minimize the risk of injury and increase the quality and longevity of life. Strengthening your bones also helps you live life under your own power, independently and confidently," advises Denise Thomas, Reebok CrossFit coach at Reebok CrossFit One over email with me.

7. Encouraging Healthy Eating

What you eat can have a vast impact on your mood and productivity, so it's important to eat healthy foods and to carry around snacks or have easy access when on the go or at the office so that you can always be prepared, advises Tyson Chartier, Reebok expert with SITYODTONG over email with me. It's even better to bring enough to share with others and boost productivity within the team all around! "Snacks that are high in essential fats are an easy and delicious way to stay energized. A few of my favorites include an avocado, guacamole or hummus with veggies, raw nuts with fruit, or almond butter on celery sticks," he suggests.

8. Enjoy Music & Singing

According to Nadine Levitt, with Wurrly, over email with me, the power of music can be incredibly beneficial for uplifting the mood and brightening one's day, and if that music is shared with others, it can have a tremendous, contagion effect and spread instantly. She says, "singing releases oxytocin - the stress relief hormone, serotonin - which causes euphoria and contentment, and endorphins - the brain's 'feel good' chemicals, which are all instant mood-boosters," which is awesome, in my opinion!

9. Seafood

According to a 2016 Study published in JAMA (The Journal of The American Medical Association) over the court of a 10 year study, researchers found people who ate seafood at least once per week had lower levels of three different physiological signs of Alzheimer’s, so eating seafood can help sharpen the brain. Positively influence those around you by inviting guests over for a home-cooked meal of salmon or suggesting a seafood restaurant for a gathering.

10. Laughter

According to Joseph Richman, professor emeritus at Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx, New York in interview with Psychology Today, laughter can help relieve symptoms and boost recovery in patients with depression or suicidal circumstances. Thus, spreading laughter can boost overall wellbeing and happiness and influence others both short-term and long-term, which can be of great value at large.

11. Be A Good Role Model

According to Alex Lickerman M.D. on Psychology Today, "converting" people into good influences, by result of you being a good influence and setting a model behavior, is a great way to keep the good influences strong all around and to benefits others in ways that might not have imagined or come to find on their owns before. Try to be as positive around others as you can and shift negative influences to positive ones to feel the good vibes.

No matter how you are feeling during the day, it's best to try and remain positive to better your own health and wellbeing. However, it's even more powerful to positively influence others, bringing them happiness and ease. By remembering that your actions influence others, you'll be better able to set a good example.

Images: Pixabay (12)