Did this 'Ex-Plosion' Couple Last?

If you've been watching Real World: Ex-Plosion , you might be curious about Jamie Larson and Thomas Buell’s current relationship status. (And if you're not watching Ex-Plosion, you are missing out on reality TV gold.) Will those lovebirds make it through the rain? Are they still a couple today? Or was the Hailey/Thomas/Jamie drama too much for all parties involved? Did the ex-plosion tear them apart? How were those seaweed chips? As alcohol-soaked as Wednesday night's Hailey/Thomas/Jamie fight was, the tension had been festering for a while. Embers had been a-burnin' ever since the ex-plosion went down. Throwing booze on those embers? EESH. Sure, the three had argued about the awk sitch before. Sure, Jamie and Thomas broke up for a hot minute a few eps ago. But any prior confrontation was nothing compared to everything that took place over the course of Hailey somersault night. Oof. It was a rough evening, and I'm curious to see how the three of them interact from here on out.

It’s one thing to start a new relationship under normal circumstances, but it’s another thing to start a new relationship while the two of you are living under the same reality show roof. And it’s an entirely different beast to start a new relationship while the two of you AND an ex are living under the very same reality show roof. My palms break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of it.

So, did Jamie and Thomas's relationship survive the ex-plosion?

It did. Their love is going STRONG. And as eyerolly as that might be, they're actually pretty adorable. Here are a few of Jamie and Thomas's recent Instagram photos to prove it:


They totes celebrated Valentine's Day together:

And who needs Woman Crush Wednesday when you can celebrate Woman Crush Everyday?

Thomas isn't the only crushin' on their S.O.:

Yep. Real World love is in the real world air.


Sorry if this is too much of a reveal for ya, Ex-Plosion fans. I apologize if you've been actively avoiding their Twitter and IG feeds out of fear of spoilers.

Buuuut on the flip side: It is kind of interesting to filter the season through a "their relaysh lasts" lens. It is for me, at least. Ugh, reality TV is my everything.

Images: MTV; thomasbuellmtv/Instagram (2); jamiechinamtv/Instagram (4);