There's A Reason That Dr. Harold Bornstein's Bill Of Health Letter Sounds Like Donald Trump

If you were considering voting for Donald Trump, but you're still so, so concerned over his age and possibly poor health, then don't worry. He's been given a clear bill of health for the presidency by someone who sounds, uh, a lot like him. The note from Trump's personal physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, went viral this week, and not because of Trump's astoundingly good health (as Bornstein claims). Donald Trump's doctor letter sounds exactly like Trump himself, and the resemblance is both hilarious and frightening.

In the note, which is simply addressed to "To Whom It May Concern," Bornstein mimics Trump's staccato syntax, enthusiastic adjectives, and over-reliance on hyperbole. For example, Bornstein wrote that Trump's laboratory test results were "astonishingly excellent." And Trump's stamina? It's "extraordinary." Bornstein added that, if Trump were elected, he would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency." The healthiest individual ever.

It turns out there's a reason Bornstein's letter sounds so similar to a Trump campaign speech. According to Bornstein, he tried to write the letter in a Trumpian fashion.

NBC News asked Bornstein if that's how he wrote all of his doctor's notes. Bornstein's response? No way. "But for Mr. Trump, I wrote the letter that way," he told NBC News.

"I think I probably picked up his kind of language and then interpreted it into my own," Bornstein added. "I thought about it all day." Bornstein did specifically state that Trump asked him to write the letter in his voice. We also know that Bornstein wrote Trump's bill of health in just five minutes.

So why would a doctor write a letter in the voice of his patient? Perhaps this shows how far Trump's influence can manipulate almost everyone around him. To work and serve Donald Trump, you must actually think and speak like Donald Trump — a terrifying prospect.

Can you imagine the types of executive orders that would be released during a Trump presidency? "This wall is going to be astoundingly huge — astoundingly." "That airstrike I ordered was extraordinary. An extraordinary airstrike for an extraordinary war."

This doctor's letter was initially released in December 2015, but it surfaced this week following the release of a letter from Hillary Clinton's personal doctor. There has been some speculation surrounding Clinton's health, and the right-wing conspiracy theories are mounting. Earlier this week, Clinton went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to debunk any concerns about her current health.

"Here, take my pulse while I'm talking to you," Clinton said, handing her wrist to host Jimmy Kimmel. "Make sure I'm alive."

Well-played, Hill. Well-played.