Chris Evans' Talks 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

We've got a while until the Avengers sequel is truly in our lives, but we've got some things to keep us company until that fateful day in 2015: Namely, the other very promising Marvel films. Guardians of the Galaxy and the closely looming Captain America: The Winter Soldier are on their way, but we also have whatever happens to trickle down from the behind-the-scenes of Avengers: Age Of Ultron filming. And what's trickled down so far seems pretty promising — especially Chris Evans' excitment about the script.

First, what he said in a recent interview with Collider:

[The Age of Ultron script] is great. It’s great. But I’ll tell you this: every time I’ve read a Marvel script, they surpass it. You read it and you’re like, ‘Well this is gonna be great,’ and then they make it and it’s even better. The script is great, it’s great. So if that’s any indication, I think we’re in for a good movie.

Those words are exciting and affirming enough on their own but what really gets me, though, is what you can see in the clip in which he talks about it: He seems so genuinely excited about this screenplay. It'd be completely understandable if, after three exhaustive films as Cap, Evans was a little fatigued by the projects and the process — it's a lot of work playing a superhero.

But you can't wipe that smile from his face or the excitement from his voice, and combined with the insanely good buzz Winter Soldier 's been getting ("Marvel's best movie to date" and "believe the hype" are two phrases that have been used), the fact that Evans seems sure that it's only gonna get better from there on out is, well, exactly what we needed to tide us over as we wait for May 1, 2015.