Here's How To DIY A Kimoji Phone Case

by Augusta Statz

As far as merch goes, Kim Kardashian and her husband are running the game. Her very own emoji-inspired merchandise is the coolest thing to happen since the symbols became available to text to all of your friends. And she’s proving that there are so many ways to use these pieces. Kim K took to Snapchat to show how to DIY a Kimoji phone case, and you’re going to want to make this your next project.

As of right now, you can purchase phone cases that are covered in Kimojis, but each phone case only offers one Kimoji option. For example, you can buy a case that has Kardashian’s crying face all over it or a case that has the "Lit" Kimoji covering it. But, what if you want to have her crying face and the word “Lit” plastering your phone? Well, there’s not a case for that just yet. That’s why Kardashian’s giving you the freedom to customize something using all of your favorite symbols.

All you need is a case (she used a LuMee one, natch) and a set of Kimoji stickers to create the accessory of your dreams. Here, I’ll let her show you how its done. Come on and follow along with me! Let’s all get crafty with Kim K, shall we?

Start with a set of Kimoji stickers.

Then, choose which phone case you'd like to use and get creative!

Kimoji Sticker Sheet, $10,

A set of these stickers is all you'll need.

iPhone 6 LuMee Case, $54.95, LuMee

If you want to use the same case as Kim K, you'll need to purchase this light-up LuMee case. The good news is, not only will it look amazing covered in stickers, but it'll also give you Kardashian-worthy selfies, too.

But, if you'd still rather just buy a Kim-covered phone case, you can shop from the Kim Kardashian Merch Store or purchase items like these:

1. Giant Crying Face

Kim Crying iPhone Case, $8.07, Etsy

Having just one crying face on your case is a more minimalistic approach.

2. Funny Face

iPhone Funny Kimoji Head Case, $9.99, Etsy

I'm not even exactly sure what this expression is, but it's hilarious.

3. Kim K-Filled

Kimoji iPhone, $11, Etsy

The more Kardashian faces the better, you know?

4. Kim K Selfie

Kimoji Cry Face iPhone Case, $11, Etsy

Having Kim K on your phone will help you get the perfect selfie each and every time.

5. Kim K Glam

Kimoji iPhone Case, $11, Etsy

Nobody contours better than Kardashian, and your glam status will be instantly upped, just by having her face on your phone.

So, there you have it. It's not hard to get on Kim K's level when it comes to reaching a majorly cool phone-carrying status.

Images: kimkardashian/Snapchat (2); Courtesy Brands (7)