'Odd Mom Out' Season 3 Has A Ton Of Potential

Bravo's scripted series Odd Mom Out dives into the foibles of being a misfit Upper East Side mom written by an actual Upper East Side mom, writer, creator, and star Jill Kargman. Season 2 of the comedy series is coming to an end on Aug. 29, and when it comes to whether there will be an Odd Mom Out Season 3, that's still up in the air. Bravo has not yet announced whether the series is renewed or cancelled, but fans shouldn't be too worried, since the series' second season renewal didn't happen until a week after the season finale. One thing we do know for sure is that Kargman has plenty of material for more episodes. The past two seasons have just been a preview of the antics that can occur when you enter the fictionalized world of the UES mom brigade, and Kargman has many real experiences that would make for fantastic story ideas.

While preparing for Season 2, Kargman told Bravo's Daily Dish that she was overflowing with new ideas. "Because I'm new in the TV world, I wasn't at all daunted by sophomore slump," she said. "I was like, 'What the f*** are you talking about? ... I have so many ideas, we're good to go.'" Kargman also explained that she and her writer's room "just had a bevy of episode ideas that we could have done. And we actually had to whittle it down to 10, so I mean, as I've said before, I feel like I could do this until I'm odd grandma out." In that spirit, here are just a few of Kargman's many, many celebrity friends and crazy experiences as a New Yorker that would make for great episodes of Odd Mom Out.

A Larry King Appearance

Kargman and her costar Abby Elliot made an appearance on King's show to promote Odd Mom Out, and it made me realize that he would be the perfect guest star, possibly as the conductor of an awkward interview with Lex over his latest business venture.

A Sex & The City Episode

The Hamilton episode from Season 2 perfectly captured the way mania for the show quickly swept the city (and, seemingly, the world), and there's got to be a similar take on the HBO series, which Kragman seems to love.

The Return Of Drew

One of Season 2's highlights was the appearance of Drew Barrymore, Kragman's sister-in-law, as one of the Weber's weird neighbors. And since the two actors are still hanging out regularly, the lice-having downstairs pals could make an easy return.

Leslye Headland Guest Directing

Theater writer and film writer/director Leslye Headland seems to run in the same circles as Kragman (and family), so I wonder if she'd be interested in adding an episode of Odd Mom Out to her resume. Her dark, dark, sense of humor (from Bachelorette and Sleeping with Other People) could make for an interesting episode.

A Family Trip

Traveling to the Hamptons was traumatizing enough, but now that all four of TV Jill's kids are school age, I'm sure the family will want to take a regular vacation. And the real Kragman just took a trip to Europe, which seems like it could be the site for a lot of hijinks.

An Actual Game Of Thrones Cameo

Since everyone in both real life and on Odd Mom Out are obsessed with GoT, it's about time that one of Westeros' current or former citizens playa a disgruntled supermarket clerk on the series.

Hopefully, Bravo will see as much of Odd Mom Out's potential as I do and renew it for a third season.

Image: Barbara Nitke/Bravo