13 Funny Tweets About Mike Pence That Sum Up How Hard His Job Must Be

For Indiana Gov. Mike Pence the job title might read "Republican vice presidential candidate" but the job description sounds a lot more like "clean-up guy." Pence can deny it all he wants (and you can bet he has), but there's no refuting the fact that he's had to mop up a few of Republican nominee Donald Trump's messes. But the difficulties of Pence's new role extend beyond smoothing the feathers Trump ruffles. When he's not Trump's clean up guy, Pence is often just "that other guy," with supporters on the campaign trail often needing clarification as to who he is and why he's stumping for Trump. One could easily say Pence has a decent shot at winning the title for worst job ever. His hard work hasn't gone unnoticed by the masses, however. Twitter is well aware of how hard Pence's job must be.

Since being named Trump's vice president, Pence has often been called on to smooth over the GOP nominee's more controversial comments. There was the time he had to clarify Trump's claim that President Obama is the "founder" of the Islamic State, and the time he tried to spin controversy surrounding Trump's suggestion Second Amendment supporters could do something to stop Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Most recently Pence has been making the rounds on political news shows in an attempt to clarify Trump's softening on immigration, an issue that has long been a cornerstone of his campaign. So far, he hasn't had a lot of luck pushing the issue out of the spotlight.

Here are 13 tweets that perfectly sum up how hard Pence's job as the Republican vice presidential nominee to Donald Trump must be

While some of us might be beginning to empathize with Trump's running mate, who continually appears trapped between a rock and a hard place, Pence, who has seen a lot of controversy himself, maintains that he's not Trump's clean up crew. According to Pence, Trump just has "different styles" when it comes to politics.

"I couldn't be more honored to be campaigning shoulder to shoulder with a man who I believe is going to be the next president of the United States," Pence said when he appeared on Fox News Sunday earlier this month. Clearly, Pence has chosen to shrug off the thankless aspects of his job and focus on what small perks do come with being Trump's running mate.